12 Mukhi Rudraksha

As this bead is hallowed by the Sun, the wearer should never worry about the fear of fire and illness. The wearer of this Rudraksha obtains affluence and contentment. It makes the wearer bold and dilemma free. It dispels the physical and mental pain. The trepidation of armed man, horned creatures, and lion are also chased away by this Rudraksha. The brain works efficiently because of this bead the management and leadership qualities are being transmitted to the wearer.

The person who wears this bead always looks Bright like the Sun and is mentally strong. The wearer is quick decision making and avoids all the doubts and confusion from the mind, and is always joyful.

From the therapeutic perspective, 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is remedial for the maladies such as diabetes, indigestion and intestine problems, eyes infections, bone diseases, and mental mayhem. It is described in the Atharva-Veda that the problems like the intricacy in heartbeats, major skin diseases such as Leprosy, and any kind of infection in the eyes are being cured and eradicated by the Sun.

Who Should Wear?

People, to whom this bead is reachable, should wear this. It is a helpful means to stay strong, healthy and wealthy. Bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and elected officials should also wear it to expand their occupation and to become influencers. This Rudraksha is a must for the persons who are affected by Black-Magic and Vaastu Imperfections.

Benefits of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • It is effective for the remedies of skin and mental disorders, blood pressure and cardiac issues.
  • 12 Mukhi Rudraksha eliminates the wrongdoings brought upon yourself by killing animals.
  • Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha helps in the treatment of Diabetes and bone diseases.
  • It helps in curing pancreatic disorder and psychosomatic sickness.
  • It is helpful for the growth of children.
  • Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha makes the economic constancy and materialistic expansion certain.
  • It helps in the cure of liver problems, hepatitis, and gallbladder cancer.

How to Wear 12 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Always make sure you find the authentic Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha to wear and not a false one.

The auspicious day to wear this bead is on Monday or Sunday morning.

Sit while facing the East, put the hallowed bead on a plate; decorate with a cream-like sandal paste and beautiful and scented flowers. Worship it with 'Kumkum-Akshat' along with chanting the Mantras ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and ‘Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namah’ 108 times each to rejuvenate the bead.

Coat it with Gold, Silver and knot it in a red thread to be worn in the wrist of the left-hand or around the neck.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • Wake up before dawn. In the first light, bathe and stand in front of the Sun.
  • Present water to the Sun and look towards the sun through water (after the bath).
  • Do Surya Namaskar at the beginning of every day chanting the mantras ‘Aum Kraum’ and ‘Sraum Raum Suryaya Namah’.
  • Repeat any Sun strotras (with Sun’s 21 names or 108 names).
  • Do Hawan and recite Gayatri mantra on Sundays.
  • No consumption of salt, oil, and ginger on Sundays.
  • Touch eyelids and surrounding parts of the eyes with this Rudraksha.
  • The wearer should never allow himself for doing sex, consuming non-vegetarian food, and alcoholic drinks while wearing this Rudraksha.
  • Visit Shiva temples on Mondays.

Curious Facts