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Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone

Emerald has traveled to modern times across ancient civilizations the world over, royalty in every nook and corner on the earth and celebrity culture of today’s  ‘social media’  crazy world. The symbol of love and beauty and epitome of Greek goddess ‘Venus’, Emerald is believed to bring eloquence in one’s speech, influence in businesses, memory […]

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Who should wear an Emerald

who should wear an emerald

Emerald gemstone is unique in its kind. If Mercury is auspicious planet in your horoscope, then wear Emerald Gemstone for your success, happiness, health, wealth etc. Emerald is good for students as it increases memory, Chartered Accountants, Businessmen, Teaching professionals, Bank Professionals, Politicians to a large extent. Good quality Emerald alleviates stammering problem and also […]

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