Amethyst - (Jamunia/जमुनिया)

Amethyst, also known as Jamunia/जमुनिया or Katela/कठेला in Hindi, is a semi precious gemstone which comes in purple color. It is considered as a highly esteemed gemstone since ancient times.

Amethyst - (Jamunia/जमुनिया)

Can I wear Amethyst? 

Amethyst is the birthstone of Pisces sun sign and Rashi Ratna of Aquarius and Capricorn, known to strengthen Saturn (Shani), bestowing the weather with the powers of Saturn, hence bringing luck, stamina, wealth and health. Ascendants of Aries, cancer, Leo and Scorpio can also wear amethyst.

Amethyst Benefits:-

  • Helps in Alcohol addiction
  • Backbone, Shoulders and Knees
  • Enhancing the Meditative Quality
  • Remove Negativity in Relationship

What will I gain by wearing amethyst?

If you have a weak Saturn (Shani) in your own horoscope, amethyst is the gemstone which will cure it. Even if you are undergoing Sunny dhaiya (2.5 years), Sade Sati (7.5 years) or Shani mahadasha, wearing amethyst will reduce the ill effects of planet Saturn.

Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone:-

Planet Saturn (Shani), which is a symbol of justice and humility, is represented by amethyst (Jamunia) gemstone. The wearer of amethyst can clearly see increased prosperity, wealth and success in his life. He is also benefited with humility and mental peace with justice in his life. Amethyst also helps in reducing the ill health effect of Saturn in one's life. The healing powers, of amethyst gemstone, reduce medical problems related to bones, especially knee joint, backbone pain and shoulders. It also improves overall body health. People dealing with profession related to black color (coal, oil, iron, lawyer, jury and judges) are also benefited with wearing amethyst. Engineers, Mechanics and surgeons, who use iron tools in their profession, also get improved skills and work perfection. People having strong Saturn in horoscope get maximum benefits by wearing amethyst, increasing their maturity, decision-making skills, self-confidence, dedication, sincerity in performing duty and professional success. People having weak Saturn (Shani) get benefited from reduced damaging effects of Saturn, hence improving success, wealth and prosperity.

Quality of Amethyst Gemstone:-

Amethyst gemstones quality depends mainly on cut color and clarity. While considering amethyst for astrological remedies, the cut has less significance and is used only for ornamental purposes. Amethyst clarity should be high with Deep Purple or violet color. Gemstone should not be chemically treated.

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1. Which Amethyst Gemstone Should I Buy?

The quality of amethyst gemstone depends mainly on three things namely Cut, Color and Clarity. The cut of amethyst gemstone has only ornamental significance and not astrological. For astrological purposes, the clarity of a gemstone is considered in lieu of color. Thus, high quality amethyst with Deep Purple or violet is preferable. The stone should not be chemically treated.

2. What is the Substitute for Amethyst Gemstone?

It is difficult situation, choosing a substitute for amethyst, as Amethyst is all by itself a substitute for Blue Sapphire. If required, then, blue Topaz and lolite can be used as a substitute.