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This stone benefits those born under the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. It makes the perfect gift to be given on one’s fifth wedding anniversary.

People who are unlucky in love, have intimacy problems, cannot attract the right kind of people in their lives and need spiritual healing should try the passionate power of the Rose Quartz.

Those with slow physical recovery procedures and suffering from ailments of the heart would benefit from the Rose Quartz gemstone that activates the Heart chakra and draws in its benefits.


The Rose Quartz is known by many names – The Love Stone, The Healing Stone, The Mothering Stone, Pink Quartz, The Heart Stone – and all for good reason.

  • Attracts and Blossoms Love

The Heart stone balances the heart chakra and attracts potential love. It radiates a loving aura that multiplies romance and compassion.

  • Improves Relationships

Intimacy, trust, and understanding flourish under the power and influence of the Rose Quartz gemstone.  Closer bonds. Pregnant women may reap the benefits of mother-child bonding by wearing the Rose Quartz.

  • Alleviates Health Problems

The divine energy of the Rose Quartz pulsates through the body and helps ease cardiovascular problems. It also strengthens muscles, regulates irregular heartbeats, treats skin disorders, and helps matters of infertility.

  • Invites Luck and Wealth

Used as a good luck charm and talisman, the Rose Quartz attracts splendid fortune. It also influences the wearer into making better decisions which leads one to accrue wealth.

  • Soothes the Mind

The calming aura of the Rose Quartz emanates a serenity thereby calming excessive and negative thoughts. Mental peace can be achieved by wearing this gemstone.

  • Reinstates Psychological Balance

People with depression and anxiety would find the Rose Quartz gemstone very helpful. It restores positivity and hope in the wearer and brings inner peace.

  • Provides Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing

This gemstone helps one move on from grieving and erases feelings of guilt or fear. It helps build compassion, and grants the wearer the ability to find peace, and forgiveness. This gemstone is also used to expedite the healing of physical wounds.

  • Enriches the Quality of Sleep

The calming aura of the Rose Quartz gemstone prevents nightmares and delivers deeper, longer, and more relaxing sleep that has a rejuvenating effect on the body. This in turn accelerates the recovery of the mind and the body.

  • Enhances Beauty

The Rose Quartz holds anti-ageing properties and reduces wrinkles and clears one’s complexion.

Rose Quartz Gemstone falls under the category of semi-precious gemstones.

Here are a few things that influence the price of the Rose Quartz gemstone

The Rose Quartz’s price depends upon the following:

  1. Treatment is done on the gemstone (eg. Dye or stain treatment)
  2. Quality – Colour, Cut, and Clarity of the gemstone
  3.  Origin of the gemstone (natural – which country it is mined from/artificial)
  4. It is important to remember that prices of the Rose Quartz gemstone will keep fluctuating on basis of governmental laws and policies, market pricing, and the scope of availability of the gemstone in nature.
  5. The Rose Quartz’s price does increase on the basis of size or weight.
  6. The cost of the Rose Quartz gemstone can range from 200 INR ($2.76) per carat to 300 INR ($4.14) and upwards, depending on the above qualities.
  7. One must be careful that the Rose Quartz gemstone they wish to purchase has not been dyed or stained to improve its colour.


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The 3 Cs determine the quality of the Rose Quartz gemstone:

Cut – The Rose Quartz has tiny inclusions that display as an asterisk effect when cut as a cabochon.

Colour – Rose Quartz gemstone can have hues that range from very light pink, pale light pink, or rose pink to darker pinks. Medium-dark pink colour stones with a cloudy translucence are considered heirloom quality.

Clarity – Rose Quartz can be transparent, translucent, as well as opaque but the finest-quality ones are mostly transparent.

When it comes to the Rose Quartz, Gem buyers, as well as owners, prefer a bigger size. The higher the concentration, the more powerful the stone, and the potent the benefits.

The Rose Quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz Product Properties:-

Chem.Comp.:- Silicon dioxide

Crystal System and Class:-  Trigonal

Crystal Habit:- Hexagonal

Hardness:- 7-7.8 on the Moh’s scale

Specific Gravity:- 2.90-2.8

Refractive Index:- 1.54 – 1.55

Origin:- Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India and Madagascar

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Is It Safe to Buy Rose Quartz Online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy gemstones via a certified seller, although, is important to make sure that the seller offers authentic certification for the gemstones.

Are Vedic Gemstones Bought Online Authentic?

On you shall always find 100% Authentic gemstones with a certificate of authenticity delivered to the customer to prove the provenance of the gemstone. Every gemstone sold is activated according to the procedures of Vedic Astrology by our in-house expert astrologer for the benefit of our customers.

Is the Rose Quartz Right for Me?

Rose Quartz can be one of the best gifts one can give their loved ones although one should consult with an astrologer to determine if it aligns well with the wearer’s natal chart and may actually be beneficial for them or not.

Does Rose Quartz Need Any Special Care? 

Here are a few tips to make your Rose Quartz last longer:

  • Avoid wearing Rose Quartz gemstone jewellery while doing vigorous activities such as sports, cleaning, and exercise to avoid scratches on it.
  • Store Rose Quartz jewellery away from other jewellery to avoid friction.
  • To clean your Rose Quartz jewellery, use a warm soap solution.
  • Keep steam cleaners away from any Rose Quartz jewellery.

Does the Rose Quartz Truly Attract Love?

Universally known as the ‘Love Stone,’ the Rose Quartz purifies the heart and opens it up to love, trust, connection and understanding. It develops and strengthens friendship and romantic relationships while bringing a sense of harmony to the wearer.

  1. A Greek legend goes that Ares, the God of War, attacked Adonis. The Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, hurt herself at a briar bush while trying to save him. Their blood mixed on white quartz giving rise to the Rose Quartz with its characteristic pinkish hue.
  2. The Egyptians thought the Rose Quartz had anti-ageing properties while the Romans used this gemstone as a seal to signify ownership.
  3. A lot of magical potions mention the use of Rose Quartz for its healing and love-attracting powers.
  4. Bush doctors in Australia have used this gemstone as a healing stone.
  5. Unlike many Vedic gemstones, the Rose Quartz does not need to be recharged frequently or with great measure. Putting it under running water or bathing it with moonlight is enough.
  6. Today, Rose Quartz has become a big part of feng shui. Pendants, charms and even Gua shas made of this gemstone for positive energy and beauty have taken over the modern world.



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