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Can I wear Akik ? 

Akik is the birthstone of Leo sun sign, and is ruled by Mars and Saturn. Usually, Akik is used as an astrological substitute for Emerald Gemstones, and it has in-numerable spiritual and healing benefits for its wearer. Vedic Astrology's detailed analysis as per horoscope ascendance and birth chart are available here: +91-9784933600

Combination to be done with Akik :-

Normally, Silver is used for Akik ring, pendant or bracelet, and it should be worn on the little finger of right hand. Gold, Panch dhatu & astha dhatu can also be used for making Akik rings, pendant or bracelet. Visit My Ratna for a wide and latest variety of Akik rings, pendants & bracelets made from finest silver.

Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.


What Will I Gain by Wearing Akik? 

Akik Stone strengthens hair, heart, kidney, eye, nails and nerve. Also, it helps one with insomnia aka problem with sleep. This Stone eliminates stress, neurological disorders and apathy. Akik (Sulemani Hakik) Gemstone helps in removing negative thoughts and sharpening wit. It helps in controlling emotions and passions and also inspires spiritually. The wearer of Akik Stone enjoys fortified self-confidence, responsibility and sharpened senses. Healthy egotism is also encouraged by wearing Akik. This Stone has a direct effect on the center of skeletal system. It helps in supporting the external desires with internal strength. With Akik, one becomes the orchestrator of his/her individual future and recognizes strengths and utilizes them to best interests. Grief is banished and mental calm is attained.

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Akik Quality:-

Akik stone should have minimum visible inclusions and the color should be uniform and pure. An unheated and chemically untreated Natural Akik Gemstone should be considered for the astrological proposal.

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna to harness all the natural benefits of the gemstone.

Akik Stone Product Specifications:-

Akik is a semi-precious gemstone that is commonly known as Sulemani Aqeek is a gem of Quartz species is widely popular to ward off evil effect of Rahu & Ketu. It is also known to fight negative thoughts and helpful in insomnia.

Akik Gemstone Product Properties:-

Content:- Silicon Di-Oxide (SIO2)

Crystal System and Class:- Trigonal

Crystal Habit:- Aggregate

Hardness:- 7 on Moh’s scale

Specific Gravity:- 2.58 to 2.62 (Chalcedony), 2.58 to 2.91 (Jasper)

Refractive Index:- 1.530 to 1.539

Origin: India, Brazil, USA, Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia

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1. Which Akik Should I Buy?

    Ideally, the weight of Akik stone should be 1/10th carat of your body weight. The stone should have no inclusions, with even and uniform color. It should be natural without any chemical treatment.

2. What is the Substitute for Akik?

    As mentioned earlier, Akik gemstone is generally used as a substitute for Emerald Gemstones, thus there is no substitute for Stone.


" AKIK "

Achates, Aqiq, Akik, Aqiq


‘Aqeeq’ or ‘aqīq’ (عقيق) is a valuable stone that has religious significance for Muslims. Aqeeq typically refers to agate and carnelian gemstones. It is a mineral from Quartz family and is known as Agate in English. Most valuable Aqeeqs are red, green and Sulemani Aqeeq colors. It is found in different locations worldwide such as Yemen, India, Germany and Latin America. Because of that Yemeni Aqeeqs are separated from Aqeeq stones due to it is high quality and value. 


The name of the stone comes from Sicily, Italy as a river known as Achetes River(Dirillo aswell) and the first Aqeeq stones founded here. In Arabic language this river is known as Wadi‑Ikrilu which means The River of Acrille.

Once people realised and understood the value of this gemstone they started to use it on their jewels to carry with them and tried to find best Aqeeq stones at different worldwide locations. Today best quality Aqeeq Stones are found in Yemen and called as Yemeni Aqeeq. Due to benefits of Aqeeq Stone and it is limited supply some companies moved to China for industrial production. This stones looks like Aqeeq but without any real value.

From thousands of years Aqeeq have been used as gemstones on jewellery . They were some of the oldest gemstone fashioned by people. Today most common use of stone is in ringspendantstasbihs and other jewellery articles.

Attributes and Benefits of Aqeeq Stone

·        Wearing Aqeeq Rings are creates joy in the heart and is good for the eye sight and it also helps eliminate depression, sadness and high tension anger.

“This stone absorbs the rays of the sun and passes them to your body”. 

·        It wards off  your fears and loneliness.

·        It gives a sense of strength and courage.

·        As Islam, believes that there are mountains of Aqeeq in Heaven.

·        It sharpens mental clarity and boosts memory.

·         If you wear Aqeeq stone as a ring or any jewellery (to carry easily, you can also carry stone only), your Rizq (sustenance, income) will be increased.

·        You will be protected from black magic, dangers, accidents and also protect you from enemies.

·        Aqeeq fulfills your wishes.

·        It instills sincerity and promotes fidelity in marriage and between partners making a person more loyal to his/her spouse.

·        Wearing Aqeeq on your rings will bless you and will save you from afflictions.

·        It is said that a prayer with Aqeeq is 40 times better than one without.

·        The Agate Stone takes away poverty and dissolves differences in ones heart.

·        The Yemeni Aqeeq keeps you protected the whole day from trouble, wherever they are descended from heaven or earth and will be protected meanwhile receiving divine guidance.

“Whoever wears a ring with an Aqeeq on it, firstly he will not become needy and secondly what God has destined for him, will be good.”

Type Of Aqeeq Stones

·        Green Aqeeq Stone helps in mental balance and reduces stress keeping you calm and happy.

·        Sulemani Aqeeqs are totally different stones because they have their own pattern and colors, some of them can be found as milky, brown, gray and white in color.

Rules Of Wearing An Aqeeq Stone

It is suitable for everyone to wear everytime. The most important thing of wearing an aqeeq stone is should touch your skin. Because of best way to wear an aqeeq stone in ring/pendant which has open back. By this way stone can touch your skin and you can feel all benefits of Agate.

There is no rule to where and how to wear aqeeq ring/pendant. There are two most important considerations:

1- Should be original one

2- Should touch your skin

If you want to learn answer of “In which finger to wear aqeeq ring?”, simple answer is as you wish. You can feel benefits even you use as a pendant.



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