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Who Should Wear Pyrite Stone?

Pyrite is a versatile mineral, and anyone can wear it! The wearer gets the benefit from the positive energies of Pyrite, which is thought to enhance confidence and vitality.

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How to Wear Pyrite?

Day-Time:- Pyrite can be worn in any finger or in a pendant or in a bracelet. (There is NO time and day boundation for wearing it)

Before wearing it, keep it in the moonlight or in the sunlight for few hours to energize it and then set your intensions clear and wear it with a very positive mind set keeping your goals and desires in mind.

Metal:- Gold / silver / ashtadhatu metal can be used for a Pyrite Ring, Pendant or Bracelet, according to the astrologers.

Benefits of Pyrite Stone:

  • Enhances financial status
  • Best for attracting wealth and prosperity in life
  • Builds confidence and self-worth
  • Helps in decision-making
  • Eradicate negative energies and bring positivity in life
  • Brings harmony to relationships
  • It helps the wearer to get the desired results from anyone

Pyrite Stone Price in India

  • Pyrite price depends upon Weight (carats/ratti/grams) and Quality (Cut or Rough).
  • Price of Astro-grade Pyrite start from INR 300/- per Carat and can go up to and above INR 700/- per Carat
  • Generally, as the carat weight of Pyrite increases, price per carat increases exponentially due to less availability of high carat weight gems.

NOTE: Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Pyrite Stone Properties:

  • Content:- FeS2 (Iron disulphide)
  • Crystal System:- Cubic
  • Crystal Habit:- Cube, Pyritohedron with striations
  • Hardness:- 6 to 6.5 on Moh’s scale
  • Specific Gravity:- 4.95 to 5.10
  • Refractive Index:-More than 1.81
  • Origin:-India, Czechoslovakia, Bohemia, England, Mexico, Sweden

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Is rough Pyrite going to give us benefits?

Yes, there are many people who buy rough Pyrite stone. You can keep the rough pyrite stone in you cupboard or the place where you worship for the maximum benefits. You can also keep a small piece in your purse or wallet as well, for its benefits.Rough Pyrite stone gives 50% results as compared to the cut and polished ones, so it is recommended to buy and wear a cut Pyrite stone.

Can pyrite be worn in a ring?

Yes, pyrite can be worn in a ring, pendant and a bracelet as well. You can select a rough or a faceted Pyrite for the same.

Curious facts about Pyrite Stone

  1. The name Pyrite is derived from the Greek word ‘pyr’ which means Fire. As sparks are caused if Pyrite is struck with hammer.
  2. As this looks like Gold, it is also known as Fool’s Gold.
  3. Pyrite has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, and examples from the ancient civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, and Incas have been found. Today it is used mainly in costume jewelry, but is brittle and requires careful cutting.



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