White Sapphire - (Safed Pukhraj)

White Sapphire, commonly known as “Safed Pukhraj /सफेद पुखराज” in hindi, is a colorless precious astrological gemstone associated with planet Venus (shukra). White Sapphire has an immeasurable benefit including financial and medical.

White Sapphire - (Safed Pukhraj)

Can I Wear White Sapphire ? 

White Sapphire is the birthstone of Gemini (Mithun) sun sign and Rashi Ratna for Taurus (Vrash) and Libra (Tula) which helps in strengthening Venus. Ascendants of Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn are also benefited by wearing White Sapphire.

Procedure/Ritual to Wear White Sapphire(Safed Pukhraj) ?

Day-Time :- White Sapphire should be worn only on the index finger of the working hand (right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people), and it should be done only on Friday at 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.

Metal :- Silver or platinum should be the first choice for White Sapphire. Panchdhatu or asthadhatu can also be used in lieu of silver. Gold or White Gold also can be used. You can either prefer ring, pendant or bracelet.

Weight :- Ideally, minimum weight of White Sapphire/Safed Pukhraj which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat)

How to Wear :- After the ring or pendant is prepared in silver or platinum, the procedure to wear it should be followed as below:-  
The White Sapphire you own and are going to wear should have been gone through the Pran Pratishtha before sending to you and it includes East, North and North East facing Matt placed on an auspicious day and nakshatra for performing pooja. Place the ring in a metal bowl. Add gangaajal, raw cow milk, honey, tulsi leaves and ghee. Recite "Om Shukraye Namah" (ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः), immediately remove the ring, clean it with water and wear it on the working hand index finger.

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To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

White Sapphire Benefits:-

  • Gain of Wealth
  • Improve Financial Growth
  • Harmony and Joy in Relationships
  • Immunity and Health
  • Improve Social Growth


What Will I Gain By Wearing White Sapphire?

Planet Venus, a symbol of love, luxury and art, is represented by White Sapphire. Wearer of White Sapphire is benefited with success, wealth, love and satisfaction in marital relationships. People having strong Venus position in their kundli will extract maximum benefits by wearing White Sapphire. People associated with creative work fields like art, love, fashion, music and culture gets benefited with skill, performance and adeptness in their work. 
Medically, White Sapphire, cure urinary aliments and increases reproductive health bringing helpfulness, understanding and romance in one's life. 

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

White Sapphire Quality:-

Quality of White Sapphire mainly depends on cut, color and clarity of gemstone. White Sapphire should be clear with no chemical treatments. White Sapphire should be crystal clear with no color. The cut on surface has only ornamental significance and is not related to astrology. 

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna to harness all the natural benefits of the gemstone.

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Which White Sapphire should I Buy?

Ideally, the weight of White Sapphire should be 1/10th carat of your body weight. White Sapphire should have no inclusions, should be colorless with high clarity. The stone shouldn't be chemically treated. Ceylonese White Sapphire (Srilankan) is considered to be the best White Sapphire for astrological purposes.

Substitute for White Sapphire Stone?

As White Sapphire is itself a substitute for diamond, the substitute of White Sapphire is astrologically less effective. Upal, White Topaz or Natural Zircon can be used as White Sapphire substitute.

When and Where I Can Wear White Sapphire?

White Sapphire should be worn on the ring finger of the working hand (right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people), and it should be done on a Friday morning during Shukl Paksh (waxing moon).