Natural Zircon - (Jarkan/जरकन)

Zircon (Jarkan/जरकन) is a beautiful gemstone that has been valued for centuries. It's an entirely distinct, natural species of the Nesosilicates mineral family that is found in different colour variations such as white (colourless) blue, red, yellow, orange, green, etc. Colourless Zircon is considered the original diamond simulant. It is regarded as December month birthstone. The colourless variety when properly cut, can make convincing diamond substitutes and even outshine ordinary diamonds.

Natural Zircon - (Jarkan/जरकन)

Who Should Wear Zircon ?

Astrologically, Zircon (meaning ‘Zarkan/जरकन’, ‘Jargon’ or ‘Jarkan Ratan’ in Hindi) is connected with the planet Venus. Therefore, astrologers believe that a Zircon stone can be worn to strengthen weakly placed Venus in an individual’s horoscope. It can also help the individual to gain mental peace, good health, a positive attitude, and marital harmony.

Procedure of Wearing a Zircon Gemstone :-

Time & Day :- Friday, Morning 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM during.

Metal :- Astrologers strongly advise Silver, White/Yellow Gold and Platinum.

Weight & Size :- Ideally, the weight of natural Zircon which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15- 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat). So let's say if your body weight is 50 kgs so the weight of Zircon stone should at least be 50/15= 3.33 carat.

Note : Minimum weight should be 1/10th of the body weight approx.

How to Wear :- It is strongly recommended to wear the Pendant/ Bracelet / Ring on the Madhyma (Middle Finger).

After the ring, pendant or bracelet is prepared, the procedure to wear it should be followed as below:-
Place the ring in a metal bowl. Add gangaajal, raw cow milk, honey, tulsi leaves and ghee. Recite ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः | ‘Om Shun Shukraye Namah’ (9 times) and immediately remove the jewellery article, clean it with water and wear it.

Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone:-

Since ancient times, this natural Zircon gemstone is considered highly effective for the individuals wearing it. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Strengthening the marital relationship.
  • It helps the individual by evolving love, friendship and mutual recognition.
  • To increase the intellectual capacity as well as improving your mental abilities.
  • Helps to block negative energies from getting into the body.
  • Help treat muscle issues when it comes to the physical aspect of the body.
  • It really helps the wearer to strengthen their heart and help with any loss of appetite, lung and liver diseases.

Prices of Zircon Stone:-

Generally, the prices depend on various factors like cut, transparency, colour, carat weight etc. as described below:

  • Origin:- The most excellent variety Zircon gemstones are produced by Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Hence, Zircon gemstones from these locations tend to get a high demand because of their near to perfect clarity and colour.
  • Colour:- Colour plays a very significant role in determining its price. Apart from the White variety (which is considered the most precious); usually price increases with the colour intensity.
  • Clarity:- The most precious Zircon stones are almost transparent with no contaminants and are thus categorised under Type I clarity gemstone. On the other hand, if the pieces are highly included then an abrupt difference in the prices of the Zarkan gemstones can be noticed.
  • Cut:- Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the prices also depend on the shape and size. A Zircon gemstone with profoundly customized elegant shape might be sold at a higher value than the ones cut using commercial techniques.
  • Carat Weight:- Good quality Zircon in large size are rare to find. Thus value per carat increases exponentially for stones weighing several carats.

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Quality of Zircon Stone:-

Since Zircon can be used as a replacement for diamond and white sapphire, it has always been in high demand. Hence, it becomes essential for the buyers to keep these points in mind while purchasing from an online store or a local dealer.   

  • Origin:- Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Brazil are the some of the major producers of Zircon stone. But among all these varieties, Tanzanian Zircon, Sri Lankan Zircon (Ratanakiri Zircon), and Cambodian Zircon highly valued for their dazzling colours and excellent transparency.
  • Colour:- It comes in many different colours like brown, yellow, green, pink, blue, red etc. But among all these White Zircon is considered as most precious along with red and blue.
  • Clarity:- Top quality Zircon gemstones have high transparency and excellent lustre. Although one may find impurities like abrasion, needles, tension crevices and white billowy inclusions on the edges. These inclusions very much decide the quality of the gemstones.
  • Cut:- Asymmetrical cutting and rough shape often reduce the appeal and Value of the Zircon stone. On the other hand, a precisely cut Zircon gemstone is recommended to buy as it maintains the clarity and colours of the gemstone.

We at MyRatna believe in providing only the best quality gemstones which carry the perfect cut and clarity.

Natural Zircon Stone Product Specifications :-

Natural Zircon commonly known as Zarkan is basically a zircon mineral species gemstone which comes in different colours such as Colourless, blue, orange, red, yellow, golden brown, green and shades of green.

Natural Zircon Product Properties :-

Chemical composition :- Zr SiO4(Silicate of zirconium)

Crystal System :- Tetragonal

Crystal Habit :- Prismatic

Hardness :- 7 - 7.5. Low type : 6. High type : 7 - 7.5

Specific Gravity :- Low type  : 3.90 - 4.10

                               High type : 4.67 - 4.70

Refractive Index :- Low type  : 1.790 - 1.810

                                High type : 1.925 - 1.984

Inclusions :- Needle like inclusions, crystals, zoning.

Origin :- India, Sri Lanka, Burma, France, Norway, Australia, Thailand.

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1. What are the differed types of Zircon Stones and what are their specific purposes?

Zircon gemstone generally occurs in several colours like red, yellow, blue, white, brown, and green etc. But astrologically and aesthetically, White Zircon gemstone is considered most beneficial.

  • White Zircon: The white variety is frequently considered as Diamond's astrological substitute (upratna) by the astrologers. If precisely cut, the white Zarkan resembles much like any good quality diamond.
  • Blue Zircon: Blue Zircon variety is most in demand for jewellery purposes. It is the second highest sought after the transparent variety. It is considered highly auspicious for people born in December month.
  • Yellow Zircon: Yellow Zircon is a tenuous, yellow colour variety of the Zircon gemstone. Used majorly for jewellery purposes as it looks remarkable when customised properly. It is recommended to bring the blessing of planet Venus and Jupiter for the individual.
  • Red Zircon: Also known as Rose Zircon, this variety is valued for its strong red hue and internal glow. It is counted among the popular jewellery gemstones because of its sturdiness and reasonable price.

2. How do I know if Zircon will be suitable for my Rashi or not?

Indian astrologers recommend it to people with Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi. Although Zircon is considered birthstone for Cancer sign according to Western astrology. The ascendants of Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn can also wear Zircon.

3. What are the Astrological benefits of wearing Zircon gemstone?

  • Zircon gemstone helps to cancel the negative impact of the weakly located Venus and helps the individual to attain a better marital life.
  • Zircon gemstone also helps the individuals who are suffering from epilepsy, abdominal problems, fever, diabetes and migraine.
  • It is also believed that Zircon can bring financial success, and recognition. It may also help by bringing new possibilities and wealth sources.
  • It is also considered beneficial for people who are involved in fields like painting, music, writing, public relationship etc.

4. How should I do gain maximum results from my Zircon gemstone?

Ideally, one should follow the Vedic rituals and recite the sacred mantra for 9 times before wearing the Zircon ring/ pendant/ bracelet. According to astrology, the ideal time to wear the ring is during sunrise on a Sundays or any Pushya Nakshtra. Although please make sure that the gemstone of the ring is unheated, untreated and 100% natural for desired results.