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Rudraksha is a seed covered with pulp and green skin which turns blue-black in time after plucked from the tree. They are usually round in shape and can have faces up to twenty-one. Rudrakshas are considered sacred as legend says that the Rudraksha carry the divine essence and are actually Lord Shiva’s tears which fell on earth and became seeds which grows on Elaeocarpusganitrus trees.

Rudraksha trees usually grow at high altitude in the mountains - mainly in the Himalayan range. Rudraskha are mostly sourced from Nepal, Burma & Indonesia.

Rudraksha seeds have a distinctive vibration that harmonizes the mind – body – spirit and protects from negative energies, purifies the aura, and attracts Happiness, Success & Prosperity. Rudraskha comes in surface facets markings, also called Mukh, ranges from 1 to 21. Each mukhi Rudraksha carries its own unique vibrations and energy that even provides Planet specific benefits as well as whole well-being.

Rudraksha is a potent energizer and can be used by anyone. The benefits of Rudraksha are for everyone who wears it or keep it close to oneself. In many healing instances, even the pets and plants tend to show progress in their physiological/energy/growth issues. From time immemorial, Rudraksha is used as a bead, rosary, bracelet, and pendant & as a lucky charm for travelers as well as device of utmost regard for Spiritual seekers.

  • Worship the bead every day.
  • Have trust on it.
  • Always keep it in a clean place and near the mandir.
  • Don’t flaunt it to anyone.
  • Don’t give your bead to anyone.
  • Don’t wear the broken bead.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat non-veg food after wearing it.

Rudraksha is helpful to everyone even plants. It fosters harmony in the wearer to come out of any undesirable situation in one’s life and enhance spiritual experience along with overall well-being in a natural way. Rudrakshas can also be worn to receive the Astrological benefits without any negative planetary influence. Rudraksha provides protection from evil eyes and unwanted accidents. Moreover, the harmonizing effect of Rudrakshas balances mind – body – spirit.

What is Rudraksha?
Rudraksha is consisted of two words: rudra and aksha. The meaning of rudra is one who weeps while aksha comprises A (अ) means to receive and ksha (क्ष) means to give. In nut shell, we can say that the meaning of the sacred seed is the one that gives us health, happiness and help in eradication of evils. It is grown in the Himalayan regions like Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Myanmar. About 70 percent of the trees are found in Indonesia, 25% are found in Nepal and 5% are found in India.
The pious plant has important position in ayurveda. It is regarded as just like Sanjeevani in ayurvedic scripture because of its diseases and disorders prevention. Its health benefits were known since the ancient times; however, it had been used conventionally for prayer beads in some sects. It has been using as organic ornament or mala that is generally worn.
The different kinds of beads with their significance and importance are given below:
  • One Mukhi Rudraksha - It is known for super consciousness, enhances concentration and mental power. It is good for headache, heart and right eye.
  • Two Mukhi Seed - It conferred the wearer with unity. It is good for left eye, brain, kidney and intestine.
  • Three Mukhi Bead - It means fire God. This Rudraksha is the signs of purityand helps to overcome inferior complexes, fear and depression.
  • Four Mukhi Rudraksha - This bead denotes creativity. That’s why it is good for students, teacher, researchers, scientists, etc. It helps to increase memory power and intelligence.
  • Five Mukhi Kernel - It is the symbol of auspiciousness, peace and health.
  • Six Mukhi Bead - It is for learning, wisdom and knowledge.
  • Seven Mukhi Rudraksha - It confers good health.
  • Eight Mukhi Seed - This seed is the symbol of success.
  • Nine Mukhi Bead - It is blessed with energy and fearlessness.
  • Ten Mukhi Rudraksha - It acts like as shield for negative energy.
  • Eleven Mukhi Bead - It is blessed with wisdom, success and protects one from accidents.
  • Twelve Mukhi Bead - It is known for administrative capacity and good for strength and radiance. It is for executives and administrators.
  • Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha - It is blessed with comforts, and honors.
  • Fourteen Mukhi Seed - It is known for future happenings.
  • For good health - The spiritual bead helps you settle down at new places which are not conducive as per your body energy. It is helpful in eating and sleeping at a new environment. Initially, this advantage was cherished by the Sadhus and Sanyasis. But in the modern days, it can be used by those people who travel different places for their works and businesses. Wearing of holy beads means ensuring good health as it is termed as the incarnation of God Shiva.
  • Shields negative energy - The blessed seed just acts like as a protective barrier against the negative energies. Negative energy, which is used by somebody else has the power to make you suffering or may lead you suffering to vital ailments.
  • Good for meditation - It is profusely used in meditation and prayer.
  • Use for evil removal - It means to ensure good luck, sound health, wealth, success, and removal of evils.
  • Enhance memory - Four mukhi and six mukhi Rudraksha when tied together with copper wire is helpful in enhancing of memory.
  • Pain reliever - The revered seed is helpful at easing scorpion bite pain when five mukhi Rudraksha is rubbed on grind stone and the mix is applied on the affected parts.
  • Controls bile - It has in-depth potential to balance air, bile and phlegm. Taking its powder along with water is beneficial in controlling of phlegm.
  • BP management - It is associated with electro-magnetic properties, which is good in controlling of blood pressure. It helps to release heat from the body thus good in relaxation. The drinking of equal proportion of the mix of ashes of 2 mukhi Rudraksha and Swarnamachik may lower down high blood pressure.
  • Treat measles - Rudraksha prevents one from measles. Licking the powder of Rudraksha is good to keep bay measles.
  • Good for intellect - The kernel is good to enhance memory power. 4 Mukhi Rudraksha is good to improve memory and intellect.
  • Effective in skin diseases - It is helpful in treating skin diseases, wounds, injuries, skin irritation and itchiness. When the sanctified bead is put in a copper pot filled with water overnight, and drinks the water in the morning an empty stomach is beneficial in treating skin diseases. The application of the paste of 9 Mukhi Rudraksha and Tulsi is effective in treating of wounds and injuries.
  • Skin beauty - It is used for shining skin. The application of the paste of it and sandalwood is good for radiant skin. The mix of pious bead, rose water and almond is good for skin beauty.
  • Ease joints pain - The mix of consecrated seed powder and mustard oil is used to treat body pain. It is applied over the joints pain and gives relief.
  • Treat cold and cough - The mix of powder seed, Tulsi, and honey is effective in treating of cold and cough when taken an empty stomach.
  • Acts as stress buster - Drinking of cow’s milk when boil with the seed is effective at easing of mental problems. Applying the paste of the blessed and sandalwood is also helpful to make you cool and calm.
For someone who is constantly on the move and who eats and sleeps in various places, rudraksha is a very good support because it creates a cocoon of your own energy. You might have noticed that when you go to a new place, sometimes you can fall asleep easily, whereas in certain other places you cannot fall asleep even if you are physically tired. This is because, if the situation around you is not conducive to your kind of energy, it will not let you settle down. For sadhus and sanyasis, places and situations could trouble them because they were constantly moving. One of the rules for them was never to put their head down in the same place twice. Today, once again, people have started eating and sleeping in different places because of their business or profession, so a rudraksha can be helpful.
Another thing is, sadhus or sanyasis living in the forest cannot drink water from just any pool because many times in nature, the water may be poisoned or contaminated with certain gases. If they were to drink it, it might cripple or even kill them. If a rudraksha is held above the water, if the water is good and drinkable, it will go clockwise. If it is poisoned, it will go anticlockwise. It is also a way of checking the quality of food. If you hold it above any positive pranic substance, it will move in a clockwise direction. If you hold it over any negative pranic substance, it will move in anti-clockwise direction.
According to the scriptures there is no restriction of wearing rudraksha by any cast, any sex, any age group and any religion. Rudrakshas are fruits produced naturally in tree so anyone from any religion and belief can wear it. In ancient times nepal and many other countries used to be part of Hindu empire so the sages wrote about the benefits of it in their scriptures in sanskrit, so in the market you will find misinformation that it can be worn by hindus only which is a misconception. In the scriptures it has been mentioned clearly that it is the bead used to remove sins and suffering of human. So every human in this world can enjoy the rudraksha's benefits.
According to Srimaddevibhagavatam (the oldest holy books), it describes the origin of Rudraksha on its eleven chapters -VII khanda as: - "Person who wears rudraksha with or without faith, with or without mantra chanting and with or without energizing it get full benefits ".
As we all know the effects and benefits of Rudrakshas has been documented in Various scriptures since ancient times. This has been proven by scientific research on Rudraksha done by Group of scientist and they have found that rudraksha have Bio-Magnetic properties, Dipolar nature which are good energies which will help to change human mindset, neurophysiology leading to change in human personalities, character, mindset, outlook, charisma, and confidence, tranquility and calmness and many more ...That means Rudrakshas also play an important role and has major influence on human physiology and central nervous system. Yes rudraksha definitely works and how rudraksha's work is a phenomenon which is very difficult to describe. After studies on more than 20 thousand customers related to their timing of benefits seen, one area where rudraksha really works is on "Past life Karmic Sin Removal", that is when someone wears rudrakshas it start clearing karmic sin of past life and makes the soul fresh and refresh. Thus it leads to achievement of desire and removal of problems opening ones inner consciousness and realisation of oneself. Another fact which we have seen is that after wearing rudrakshas whatever has to happen in wearers life will happen, but will happen in lesser degree, the pain and suffering will not be there or intense and the wearer will have refined inner understanding of the situation.
Although in various books it is written that rudrakshas are produced in different countries but all these remains as myth and history only. Nowadays rudrakshas are produced only in Nepal and in Nepal it is only produced in only one small area (around 20 -50 sq km) located in Eastern Nepal. Unusual things may occur in every subject so that some of the trees can also be grown in other parts of world but in very few numbers. This is due to migration of plants and seeds of rudraksha. Thus whole world's need of rudraksha is produced only in Nepal.
Generally after wearing rudrakshas, within few days, people will feel some purging effect that is clearing of the negative energies from the body. This clearing of the energies depends on the individual. Most of the reactions are headache, heat /energy flush around the faces, pain around the eyes, slight rashes, stomach pain and for some people diarrhea and vomiting. During this time keep on wearing rudrakshas as these symptoms last for one to two days and there is no need of medical help. Drink warm water as much possible as it helps to clear negative energies and toxins from the body fast. For some wearers during the first few days of wearing they feel very alert and cannot sleep at night due to high energies of the rudrakshas, so remove the rudraksha and put near the head region and sleep. Some people feel they cannot wear rudraksha mala and feel some kind of unknown disturbances, so during this time do not remove the mala from the body as it is clearing energies from the aura and body around the person as well as the energies from the rudrakshas are trying to synergise with the body energy. If you remove the mala and decide to wear again you will feel the same purging effects which will subside and synergise with your body within few days. The only remedy for the purging is drinking lots of warm water to flush out the toxins. For majority of wearers when they first wear the rudraksha mala within the first few days they see and feel changes in their life, higher confidence and self-esteem, improvement in charisma and communicative skills and many more. For some the effects are slow and for some very fast they can see the achievement of their desires and resolving of their current problems.
Rudraksha is consisted of two words: rudra and aksha. The meaning of rudra is one who weeps while aksha comprises A (अ) means to receive and ksha (क्ष) means to give. In nut shell, we can say that the meaning of the sacred seed is the one that gives us health, happiness and help in eradication of evils. It is grown in the Himalayan regions like Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Myanmar. About 70 percent of the trees are found in Indonesia, 25% are found in Nepal and 5% are found in India.
The pious plant has important position in ayurveda. It is regarded as just like Sanjeevani in ayurvedic scripture because of its diseases and disorders prevention. Its health benefits were known since the ancient times; however, it had been used conventionally for prayer beads in some sects. It has been using as organic ornament or mala that is generally worn
From our experiences with more than 20 thousand customers, we have seen that : -
  • Around 10% people get the effects within 2-3 days.
  • Around 30% people get effects within 10-15 days.
  • Around 50% people get effects within 30-40 days.
  • Around 5 % people get effects within 5-7months.
  • Remaining percentage people get effects within two years.
So most of the people After the first 40days of wearing, the user can feel the vibration of energy surrounding them which exerts its beneficial effect slowly afterwards.
Know that the energy of the Rudraksha bead comes from the seeds. This energy is transmitted through the thorns, which get chipped off with time, but this doesn’t reduce the potential of the bead. The other thorns perform their function. But if the bead is defiled by worms and the seed within gets destroyed and the Rudraksha is cracked, then it becomes ineffective. Wearing a damaged bead will not give you any benefit and will do no harm either.
Of course, you must wear your Rudraksha beads for 12-14 hours daily so that they remain energised and act optimally on your body Chakras for healing and wellbeing. As per authentic Puranas, consumption of certain non-veg foods food or alcoholic beverages is not prohibited. What is implied is that the wearer will get maximum benefits if he stays away from such tamasic foods.
Scientifically, there is no difference in the internal structure of Indonesian and Java beads. However, Nepal beads are larger in size, thorny with several projections and having deep clear mukhis. The mukhi lines are embedded deep in the outer surface and Nepal beads vary from 14mm- 40mm in size with an average size 20mm.
Java beads are much smaller with smoother surface and mukhi lines visible as white lines from one hole to the other very close to the surface and not etched deep. Sizes of Java beads vary from 2mm-20mm, with average of 12mm.
The size has more to do with personal choice. Some people prefer bigger beads due to their magnificent beauty, some like the small size due to ease of wearing. Effect wise, both work the same over an extended length of time. It is possible that larger beads awaken faster to give effects due to increase in surface area.
It is possible that due to lesser surface area and lesser projections, effects with java beads could be visible after a slightly longer duration than Nepal beads. However testimonials and feedbacks received from clients using Nepal Vs Java beads have been almost similar. Both have reported excellent results. So seems spiritually there is no difference.
Regarding the price, the cost of Rudraksha beads are based on demand and supply. Due to limited areas of production and increase in demand every year, the prices for both varieties have been constantly rising. Rudra Centre purchases 90% of the produce of healthy Indonesian beads (in the mukhi variety). Due to this hold, we are able to keep prices in check. In Nepal beads, despite being a major buyer, competition from suppliers in India and also buyers from Japan and China, it is not possible to keep prices in check. However we try to pick the healthiest, ripe and best beads of the season for our esteemed customers.
Yes, anyone can wear Rudraksha regardless of their gender, age, nationality and caste. Rudraksha beads work equally well on humans as well as animals to heal and balance their Chakras. Shiv Purana has an anecdote on a Yogini, a devotee of Shiva, who drank alcohol and whose dog also wore Rudraksha.
  • We are the first ISO certified Rudraksha organisation in the world.
  • First to translate ancient Puranas and Upanishads information on Rudraksha.
  • Guaranteed High quality, Hand selected best quality beads from Nepal and Indonesia.
  • In-house making of Rudraksha designs as per Rudraksha science therapy guaranteeing results in shortest time.
  • An impressive feedback of over 22,000 testimonials till date.
  • We are in service and supply of Rudraksha from last 21 years. Please read about our organization on our website.
  • We use Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy to recommend and string the beads, so that you get full results.
  • We have doctors, scientists and renowned people on our board to assist in Rudraksha research.
  • We have devised ways to tap the healing and medicinal powers of these beads and we are treating clients suffering from joint/knee pains, asthma, cold, cough, blood pressure, headache/migraine problems etc. In addition to this, we use Rudraksha to heal emotional and mental disorders. Once the wearer gets aligned to Universal laws, he attracts success in all spheres of life.
  • All Rudraksha beads are activated through rituals prior to sending.
Many get confused with the shape and size of Rudraksha . One should not seriously worry about it. Just see that the mukhis are well defined, are end to end, corns and contours are natural and there are no cracks along the mukhis. The bead has to be lustrous and healthy and devoid of insect holes
Rudraksha beads emit frequency that balances different chakras of human body as well as attune them to frequencies of different planets and divine energies. Thus they attract good luck and positivity. They work best when worn on body. Touching skin is not necessary for Rudraksha beads to show effect, but method of wearing is very important. Just as gems show effect when worn on specific fingers and hands, similarly Rudraksha work when worn in particular combinations and particular stringing style. This knowledge is used by Rudra Centre to make powerful combinations.
This is not advisable. Beads need to form a circuit in series or parallel and only then will they show effect. Also specific combinations and their stringing style alone allow resonance with chakras. The knowledge of Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is necessary to make beads show their full potential and avoid adverse results.

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