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Can I wear Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)? 

Hessonite is the birthstone of Aquarius & Gemini sun sign, and is ruled by Rahu. Anyone having mahadasha of planet Rahu in their birth chart are recommended wearing Gomed, as it has in-numerable spiritual and healing benefits for its wearer. 

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Procedure/Ritual to Wear Hessonite Garnet Gemstone ?

Day-Time :- It should be worn on the middle finger of right hand on a Saturday between 1:15 PM to 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Metal :- Normally, silver/gold is used for Hessonite Garnet ring, pendant or bracelet. Panch dhatu & astha dhatu can also be used for making rings, pendant or bracelet.

Weight :- Ideally, minimum weight of Hessonite Garnet which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat)

How to Wear :- After the ring or pendant is prepared in any metal, the procedure to wear it, should be followed as below:-  
Place the ring in a metal bowl. Add gangaajal, raw cow milk, honey, tulsi leaves and ghee. Recite “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah” (ऊँ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नम:) OR “Om Raam Rahve Namah” (ऊँ रां राहवे नम:) and immediately remove the ring, clean it with water and wear it on the working hand middle finger.

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Re-Charge your Garnet with natural elements: Many of us wear rings and pendants with gemstones but not everyone gets the result out of them or sometimes the undesired. So, we like to share some tips to recharge your gemstones likely to keep on getting the positive results out of the gemstones for longer time.

NOTE: Garnet(represents Rahu) ->Take a glass bowl -> add Holy Water and rock salt ->dip Garnet in it -> keep it in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswati for whole  night ->On  morning wash the stone and wear it again -> follow the ritual every month.

Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

Benefits of Hessonite Garnet/Gomed Gemstone :-

  • Power, Wealth and Success
  • Beneficial Stress, Depression and Nervousness
  • Relaxing in Mental Anxiety
  • Public Relations, Politics, Event Managers
  • Lawsuits

What Will I Gain by Wearing Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)? 

Wearing a good Hessonite Garnet brings wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame, and health. It protects against rivalries and enemies. It helps to increase one’s social status and brings respect from others. It helps protect against evil spirits.

Price of Hessonite Garnet(Gomed) (per carat / per ratti)

  • Hessonite Garnet price per carat depends upon Weight (carats/ratti), Treatments and Quality (Cut, Clarity and Color) as well as mines and origin.
  • Natural Hessonite Garnet Stone Price in India is between rupees 500 per carat to rupees 20,000 per carat and above.
  • For Astrological benefits, the quality is dependent mainly upon the clarity of the gemstone and only a little bit on the color/cut.
  • While it is absolutely normal and acceptable, as per the current industry standards, to have some minor inclusions present in a natural gemstone. However, if these inclusions affect the clarity of the crystal then the astrological influence of the gemstone, as well as the price, gets reduced dramatically. 
  • Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) stone prices per carat can be converted into stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 1000/ct = Rs 900/ratti).
NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the rough in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Quality of Hessonite Gemstone:-

Hessonite stone should have minimum visible inclusions and the color should be uniform and pure. Color of Gomed stone ranges from honey-yellow to deep reddish brown, but the color of fine Gomed stone should resemble the color of Cow’s urine.

Mainly three things (3C’s) are considered while deciding quality of astrological Hessonite Garnet namely Cut Colour and Clarity.

  • Cut:- Cut is normally misunderstood as the shape of the gemstone, but it actually refers to the faces on the gemstone's surface. These cuts allow the light and colour to pass through and shine to the fullest.

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna to harness all the natural benefits of the gemstone.

  • Colour:- Hessonite Garnet comes in range of medium to dark brown in color which varies from brown-orange to brownish-yellow. The best chosen color for a perfect astrological Hessonite Garnet is Gomutra(cow's urine) color.
  • Clarity:- “Eye Clean” Hessonite Garnet is considered as a good choice which means the gemstone is completely clear to the naked eye. Natural gemstone can't be free of inclusions(oily/streak/heatwave effect/yellow fibres/veil like) which mean crystal & feathers are typically discovered in Hessonite Garnet(Gomed). Only man made synthetic stones are flawless.

Hessonite Garnet Stone Product Specifications :-

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed/Gomedhaka/Cinnamon stone) is a variety of Glossular Garnet. The distinguishing characteristic of Hessonite Garnet is color. Garnet Gemstone is used for making jewellery as well as astrological purpose.

Hessonite Garnet Product Properties :-

Chemical composition :- Calcium Aluminium Silicate Ca3Al2(SiO4)3 

Crystal Habit :- Dodecahedral

Hardness :-7.25 on Moh’s scale 

Specific Gravity :- 3.65

Refractive Index :- 1.742 to 1.748

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Which Hessonite Garnet should I buy?

Ideally, the weight of Hessonite Garnet stone should be 1/12th carat of your body weight. The gemstone should have natural inclusions, with even and uniform color. It should be natural without any chemical treatment.




GARNET gemstone commonly known as:                 

·        Rahuratna, Tranavar, Tamomani, Pingasphatic(Sanskrit)

·        Gomed, Raktamani(Hindi)

·        Gārneṭ(Kannada)

·        Gārnēṭa(Gujarati)

·        Hazar Yamani(Arabic)

·        Grenat (French)

·        lychnítis(Greek)


Garnet is a semi-precious ancient gemstone described as a group of very closely related salt minerals and is associated with influencing the shadow planet Rahu(the north node) in one’s natal chart. Garnet endows various cosmic and astrological benefits. The most widely known color of Garnet gemstone is dark-red. Also there is a wide array of garnet hues available today including reds, pinks, oranges, yellow, greens, browns, and even blues. Top sites to mine fine Garnet of various types are Sri Lanka, India, USA, Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa and Zambia.


·        Traditionally gifted on 2nd ,6th ,15th and 19th anniversary

·        It is the birthstone for January.

·        Garnet's hardness makes it useful for polishing other materials.

“Garnet alleviates bad dreams when placed under a pillow.”

·        The color of good Garnet stone is like cow urine or pure honey and looks like filled with honey when checked in light.

·        Garnet has the reputation of guiding its wearers and is beneficial for surgeons, politicians, and budding entrepreneurs.



·        It is especially beneficial for those who have to travel rather regularly ensuring safe travelling for them.

·        It induces passion, fire, energy, and stability.

·        It is believed to bring good luck in love and relationships.

·        Garnet is a stone meant to bring success within a short span of time in life.

·        It adds magnetism to the persona of wearer.

·        It is especially beneficial for the businessmen, if kept in their cash box.

·        The Red Garnet induces spirituality in life and many astrological benefits especially for those born with numbers 1 and 9.

·        It provides immense strength and balance.

·        Stimulates all the chakras in body hence meditating with Garnet worn on the respective chakras has an enhancing effect.

 “Garnet is thought to promote successful businesses, encourage compassion and aid self-confidence”


·        The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seedlike,” in reference to a pomegranate and it makes sense as small garnets look like the bright red seeds of pomegranate.

·        The turbulent inner appearance of Hessonite Garnet is called the roiled affect.

“Dreams of garnet signify the solution of a mystery.”

·        It is said that The King of Saxony had a Garnet of over 465 carats.

·        Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet by a Roman engraver.

·        In Old Spain, the pomegranate was a favorite, and as a result of this, so was the garnet.

·        In Spanish astrology, the garnet once represented the sun.

·        The precious green uvarovite garnet from the Urals only forms in fairly large crystals and is an almost priceless gemstone.

·        Low libido and sexual disorders were credited to be relieved by the application of Garnet directly to the genital organs. Princess Palatine discovered her husband, the brother of King Louis XIV, applying garnets on his body in this way. Though he asked her not to reveal this to anyone, she instead told the whole court and wrote about it in her many famous letters. [Megemont, 87]

·        Garnet is a conqueror's stone. Legend has it that a garnet ornamented Don Juan's ring. [Megemont, 88].

·        During those dark wet days and nights Noah used a finely cut, glowing Garnet lantern (carbuncle: fire color Garnet) to illuminate the ark and navigate during the night, according to legend.

·        A Garnet Cabochon set into a flower brooch from Jackie Onassis's estate sold for over $100,000 at auction.

·        Hebrew writers include the garnet as one of the twelve gems in Aaron’s breastplate.

·        It is considered in Christian that the blood-red garnet is symbol of Christ’s sacrifice.

·        The Koran holds that the garnet illuminates the Fourth Heaven of the Moslems.

·        In Greek mythology, a pomegranate is referenced as a gift of love and is associated with eternity. Nowadays, Garnet remains as a gift of love.

·        Also the Greeks said it guarded children from drowning and was thought to be potent against poisons. 

“Demantoid Garnet is rarest and famous for its fascinating brilliance and luster.”

·        Moreover, Garnet is symbolic of a quick return and separated love and hence may be given to a beloved before embarking on a trip, as it is believed to heal the broken bonds of lovers.

·        It was also said to warn the wearer of approaching danger.

·        According to one writer if a garnet loses its luster and shine, it is a sure sign of coming disaster.

·        It is recorded that garnets have been used as pellets by a group of native people of  India, shot from bows. The tribal belief was that the stone would inflict wounds, which would be particularly bloody, shows the affinity between garnets and the warrior tradition.

·        Thought to counters melancholy and act as a heart stimulant.

·        In ancient times, there were some who believed that gazing at a red garnet could lead to passion, anger, and even apoplexy(unconsciousness).

“Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth.”

·        The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people.

·        Garnet inspires contemplation and truthfulness and offers its wearer the power to protect their standing and possessions.

·        The garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship.

“In the past, garnets have been exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection and to ensure that they meet again”

·        Garnet’s magic can be accessed after it has been cut and polished.

·        A green garnet of over five carats is rarer than an Emerald of the same size.

·        Garnet can also be mistaken for other, usually more expensive gems. The red garnet may be mistaken for a ruby, while the yellow type may be mistaken for precious topaz and the green garnet may be mistaken for an  .

·        Garnet is the stone of protection and manifestation.

·        Hessonite aids in getting rid of the suffering from Kalsarp Yoga, fear of snakes, fear of spirits, fear psychosis and evil eye.

“Wearing hessonite garnet is beneficial in getting occupational success and fame, social reputation, wealth, marital bliss, and prosperity in life.”

·        Its mystic powers protect the wearer against evil spirits, rivals, enemies, dangerous plots, controversies, and the possibility of being poisoned.

·        This garnet is also renowned for boosting health and mental equilibrium, and curing skin diseases, hair fall, ailments related to acidity and wind, migraine, cerebral disorders, etc..

·        It grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. [Raphell, 156, 162] [Simmons, 166] Yet Garnet is a sensual stone.

·        It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love.

·        It is a stone of strong, intense feelings. [Megemont, 87]

·        As an amulet, Garnet was worn on the body for strong protection against poisons. [Mella, 85]


Enhancers possess internal crystal lattices of perfect cubic symmetry and harmony. As "fundamental" talismans, their internal structure help us focus our efforts to build on our successes and enhance our lives.


Strengthener crystals provide the energy to resist temptations and resist distractions from the goals. Garnets are the best known Strengtheners and the perfect talismans to keep us on course.

·        The Greeks called the carbuncle(fire color Garnet) the Lamp Stone and was believed to give the power of seeing in the dark if hung around the neck to its wearer.

·        The well-formed image of a lion, if engraved on a garnet, will cure the wearer of all diseases, protect and preserve his honor and health, and guard him from all perils in traveling. [Kunz, 133]


·        Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean

·        Always make sure you rinse the stone well after washing it.

·        Do not steam clean/toothpaste clean/salt or bleach clean.

·        Use lint free cloth.

·        Take care and protect it from sharp blows, harsh temperatures and chemicals. 

GARNET - Various Perspectives

§  Feng Shui :

·        It exudes vitality, power, and nourishment of sensual energy because it evokes the spirit of the fire element.

·        Controls the anger that is towards self.

·        Strengthens self confidence and stimulates emotional awareness.

·        It revitalises, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.

·        Boosts energy and bring positive thoughts.

“Allows clearer vision of the solution by transforming a crisis into a challenge.”


·        Gentle spiritual healing

·        Garnet sharpens your perceptions of yourself and other people and dissolves ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer serving you so that you can easily let go of obsolete ideas.

·        Removes inhibitions and taboo

·        Bestows self-confidence and opens up the heart.

·        Also known as a Stone of Commitment - to purpose, to others, and to oneself.

·        Enhances devotion and understanding.

·        It scans and adjusts the flow of energy to provide for a balanced energy field around the physical body and alignment of the emotional and intellectual bodies. 



  • Garnet is an excellent gemstone to regulate blood circulation in body. It also cures the blood deficiency.
  • It has unique property to reduce the chances of hemorrhages and inflammation while it stimulates the hemoglobin count.
  • Being related to root chakra, detoxifies the blood and keeps the heart healthy.
  • It enhances the strength of spleen, lungs, and cures injuries of spine.
  • As per ancient beliefs, protect from poisoning.

§  Energy Healing

Garnet Emotional Healing Energy

·        Garnet provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality during use. 

·        Heals emotional problems.

·        It fortifies the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into situations of crisis.

Crisis is turned into challenge under Garnet's influence and promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble.”

·        Garnet can act as a strong help to balance the energy system, stimulate desires and uplift your attitude.

·        Garnet can prevent fears of insecurity and even money losses because it is a balancer stone.

·        Enhances your personal self-esteem by increasing your positivity and popularity

·        Garnet has even been credited with aiding widows in finding a new husband.

·        Garnet helps to regain the spirit, calming sadness and emotional pain, helping those who have gone through great despair get back on their feet.


Garnet Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

·        Garnet cleanses and reenergizes the chakras.

·        Inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.

·        Red Garnet in particular stimulates the Kundalini energy and aids sexual potency. [Hall, 136]

·        It provides for free flow of movement via the spinal column by stimulating the Base as well as Crown chakra through the inner pathway of light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy to each portion of the body.

·        It can stimulate expanded awareness and assists in past-life recall as Garnet has a strong link with the pituitary gland.

·        It amplifies the effect of other crystals by activating them.


§  Garnet is thought to have medicinal abilities to reduce body toxins. At times stones were placed in wounds to help heal by encouraging the clotting of the blood. [Mella, 85]

§  It can alleviate acne, low libido, and disturbances in the cardiac rhythm (except for arterial hypertension, which Garnet can even aggravate).

§  It has been reported to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain and some psychological illnesses.

§  Garnets enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor.

§  It is extremely beneficial to wear a garnet when one had to exert oneself.

§  Relieves skin conditions and regulates the heart, cures heart palpitations, lung diseases, and various diseases of the blood.  

§  Provides healing for either gender: for men, it keeps the reproductive system healthy. For women, it promotes hormonal balance and is said to reduce swelling.

§  It is long believed in traditional folklore: creates a strong link between the red garnet and blood.

§  Garnet tones the spleen, promotes health throughout the circulatory system and enhances the body’s production of healthy hemoglobin.

§  It stimulates metabolism, treats spinal and cellular disorders, purifies and reenergizes the blood, heart and lungs, and regenerates DNA and assists the assimilation of minerals and vitamins in the body.    


·        One of the virtues of the garnet is its ability to help one overcome depression.

·        It dissolves ingrained behavior patterns that are no longer positive, and bypasses resistance or self-induced unconscious sabotage.

·        It promotes self-confidence and allows one’s inner spirit to radiate and aids in letting go of useless or old ideas.

·        It removes inhibitions, taboos, anger and discord and alleviates emotional disharmony, brings on a calming influence, and protects the wearer from being affected by the unwanted energy of others.

·        Brings courage and hope in a crisis or in extremely traumatic situations where it seems like there is no way out because it strengthens the survival instincts.

·        Garnets are stones often used to deal with bad dreams, and depressed states of mind.


·        Garnet is extremely beneficial in the realm of business.

·         The stone causes people to be attracted to the wearer, which aids in business, as well as in personal success.

·         It is especially beneficial to those people whose business is people-oriented.

“Encourage success in business and business relationships. It is a wonderful executive gem, especially for women.”

·         The stone is an ideal choice for people who are entering new realms, for example, people who are moving to a new city.

·        Aids in giving strength to the business minded person.

·        Square cut garnets are particularly useful in bringing success in business matters. [Hall, 136]


§  Garnet possesses many virtues when it comes to love and sex because there is a strong aspect of sexual and sensual energy.

§  Balances the sex drive.

§  It aids in sexual potency and fertility, brings out sexual attraction and frees ones sensual side to emancipate passion and love.

§  Garnet moves a couple deeper into a passionate and sensual exploration of sexual magic by various degrees of intensity.

§  The stone inspires commitment, monogamous and stable marriage, and promises one’s love, devotion, and fidelity with surety. It can also aid in finding true lovers.

§  Gives strength to the fundamentals of marital bliss.

“Garnet, known as a stone that can, through divine influence, heal emotional rifts between lovers.” 

(Please note: Information on this web site is thoroughly researched and collected from internet websites, books etc followed by adequately curated presentation . And  is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs.

As per the Vedic Astrology, a gemstone is to be worn only after checking whether one's Personal Horoscope and the planets' placement therein agrees with the stone's properties or not.)








·        Earlobes, finger, or over heart

·        Wear in contact with the skin

·        Place on the skin as appropriate in healing

·        Past Life Recall: place on the third eye




·        Strongly regenerative

·        Brings deep love

·        Aids in integrating truth

·        Affinity with the higher self

·        Opens higher mind and initiates charity and compassion

·        Opens pathway between base and crown chakras, channeling and grounding spiritual energies into the physical body, and anchoring the subtle body into physical incarnation.

·        Helps to absorb iron in intestines, stimulates the eyes, and treats liver and pancreas.



·        Stimulates creativity

·        Attracts into your relationships what you most need for your development

·        Dissolves feelings of isolation or alienation and attracts intimate encounters with others.

·        It Supports male qualities such as courage, stamina and strength.

·        It realigns the magnetic field of the body.

·        It cleanses and expands the aura, opening psychic vision.

·        Encourages formation of blood and energizes the liver.

·        Aids assimilation of calcium, magnesium and iron.



·        Beneficial stone to have during challenges and lawsuits

·        Inspires service and cooperation and teaches relaxation and going with the flow.

·        Enhances fertility and aids assimilation of vitamin A, fortifies kidneys and excellent for arthritis and rheumatism.

·         Beneficial for the mucus membranes and skin.



·        Imparts self respect, eliminating feelings of guilt and inferiority.

·        Supports seeking out new challenges

·        Opens the intuition and psychic abilities

·        Regulates hormone production, reduces infertility and impotence, heals olfactory system and draws off negative influences that cause ill health.



·        Strengthens resistance and promotes honesty

·        Enables the speaking of truth by releasing blockages from heart and throat chakra.

·        It overcomes lack of love an any situation, dispelling, anger, envy, jealousy and mistrust.

·        Enhances partenerships

·         Melanite strengthens bones, treats cancer, strokes, rheumatism and arthiritis.



·        Promotes an excellent quality of life

·        Bestows vitality and charisma

·        It unites creative forces within oneself

·        Links the groundedness of the Base chakra with the wisdom of the Crown chakra.

·        It is a stabilizing stone

·        Pyrope fortifies circulation and treats the digestive tract.

·         It neutralizes heartburn and soothes a sore throat.



·        It is a warm trusting and sincere stone

·        Stimulates contemplation, intuition and inspiration.

·        Protects the Base chakra and enhances healthy sexuality, overcoming frigidity.

·         It stimulates the metabolism and treats heart, lungs, and hips.



·        Imparts willingness to help others

·        Strengthens the heart

·        Enhances analytical process and the rational mind.

·        It is an antidepressant and suppresses nightmares.

·        Relieves sexual problems and treats lactose intolerance and calcium imbalances.



·        Stimulates the heart chakra and enhances spiritual relationships.

·        Promotes individuality with egocentricity, and at the same time links the soul into its universal nature.

·        Beneficial in experiencing solitude without loneliness as it is a peaceful stone.

·        It detoxifies, reduces inflammation, lowers fever, and treats acidosis, leukemia and frigidity.



·        Represents Love

·        Attuned to the heart energy

·        It revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality.

·        Red Garnet controls anger, especially towards the self.



The info on this site is for information purpose only. Please see your doctor or healthcare professionals before starting any alternative treatments/programs. It is recommended that the product be used with due care. The product which results in variation of shade with every usage and add unique characteristics to the product.

The benefits are derived when used genuine Garnet and placed appropriately.



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