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Can I wear Pearl ? 

Pearl (Moti) is the June birthstone and is related to cancer sun sign. You can consult a recognized astrologer before you wear a Pearl. Natural Pearl is a harmless gemstone and all can wear it without any consultation.

“Who comes with summer to the earth, and owes to June her hour of birth,

A Pearl should wear against her skin, who’s Innocence many a heart shall win.”


Procedure/Ritual to Wear Pearl/Moti ?

Day-Time :- Pearl ring should only be worn on the little finger of right hand or a pendant and it should be done on Monday morning between 6:15 to 7:00 or 10:15 PM to 11:15 PM.

Metal :- First and only choice for wearing Pearl should be silver/white gold/yellow gold(in some cases) can also be considered for making Pearl ring, pendant or bracelet.

Weight :- Ideally, minimum weight of Pearl which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat)

                 Some natural Pearls are weighed in the measurement unit CHAW. 11 Chaw to 15 Chaw is average weight to wear.

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How to Wear :- You must activate it before wearing. There are two Rituals to activate :

(1.) DAYTIME Activation     : After cleansing yourself wear white colored clothes and place yourself comfortably on white asan(mat) facing East. Dip your Pearl(product) into raw milk, light 5 incense sticks in the name of Chanda Deva, close your eyes and pray to Chandra Deva for receiving blessings from the gemstone. Take the ring out of the milk and circle it over the incense sticks 11 times chanting “Om Som Somaya Namah” (ॐ सोम सोमाय नमः) and clean it with water and wear it.   

(2.) NIGHTTIME Activation : After cleansing yourself wear white colored clothes and place yourself comfortably on white asan(mat) facing East under the moonlight. Dip your Pearl(product) into raw milk, light 5 incense sticks in the name of Chanda Deva, close your eyes and pray to Chandra Deva for receiving blessings from the gemstone. Take the ring out of the milk and circle it over the incense sticks 11 times chanting “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandramase Namah” (ॐ श्रम श्रीम श्रौम सह चन्द्रमसे नमः) and clean it with water and wear it.   

NOTE: It is preferred to activate the Pearl gem in moonlight because it provides direct energy of the moon which enhances its effectiveness and powers.

Re-Charge your Pearl with natural elements: Many of us wear rings and pendants with gemstones but not everyone gets the result out of them or sometimes the undesired. So, we like to share some tips to recharge your gemstones likely to keep on getting the positive results out of the gemstones for longer time.

NOTE: Pearl(represents moon) ->on a full moon night(once in a month)-> Take raw milk in a glass bowl and add 7-9 drops of Holy Water ->dip the Pearl(with silver ring) in it and keep it in moonlight from 9pm to next morning -> take it out the next morning  -> wash with normal water and wear again -> follow the ritual every month.

Relax, if you cannot do the Pran pratishtha procedure of the gemstone by yourself, we at MyRatna will do it for you according to the genuine Vedic Scriptures at no cost.

To revitalize the gemstone dip it in salty water for 1 hour in every three months and again wear according to the above mentioned time.

Pearl/Moti Benefits:-

  • Reduces anger
  • Increasing Memory and Brain Power
  • Inspires Love & Faith between the two Partners
  • Useful for Strong Bones & Peace of Mind
  • Improves Ladies Beauty & Facial Luster
  • Beneficial for Husband & Wife Relationship

What will I gain by wearing pearl? 

As Pearl (Moti) gemstone is symbolic to the moon (Chandra), it has the heavenly power warding off all sort of hindrance in one's life. Pearl is also known to increase affluence, emotions, fame and fortune, memory and success, leading to stress free life. Medically, Pearl heels any kind of sexual disorders, giving the wearer a happy and peaceful married life. Pearl is also known to calm down the anger of the wearer, making him control his temper.

Benefits of Pearl/Moti Gemstone:-

Moon (Chandra), known for its calmness and coolness, is the ruling planet of Pearl and moon plays a central role in the solar system influencing emotions, Fame, Fortune, happiness, memory, and success. Medically, Pearl’s shine and softness increases memory, cause heart disorders Eye diseases, uterine disorders hysteria, sexual disorders. Pearl increases mind stability and self-confidence. Pearl also helps in curing diseases related to the body fluid such as blood pressure and bladder irregularities. Anyone suffering from high temper, depression, tense mind Insomnia are advised to wear an activated Pearl.

Pearl stone is also known to reduce eye problems, throat diseases, dysentery and stomach related elements. When worn by women, Pearl increases the beauty and facial luster. Pearl neutralizes the negative planetary influence on individuals, increasing memory and brain power. Pearl is also known for its power of increasing sexual potency which helps in developing a strong relationship between husband and wife, giving both a happy and comfortable life.

Price of Pearl Gemstone(Moti) (per carat / per ratti)

  • Pearl Gemstone price per carat depends upon Weight (Chaw/carats/ratti), Treatments, Coloring and Quality as well as origin.
  • Natural Pearls are weighed in Chaw 
  • Natural Pearl price in India is between rupees 1500 per Chaw to rupees 5000 per Chaw and above.
  • Cultured Pearl prices in India is between rupees 500 per carat to rupees 3000 per carat and above.
  • For Astrological benefits, the quality is dependent mainly upon the concentric layers of Calcium Carbonate(Nacre), the more the layers the better. 
  • While it is absolutely normal and acceptable, as per the current industry standards, to have some minor surface markings present on a Pearl. 
  • Pearl Gemstone prices per carat can be converted into Pearl (Moti) stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 1000/ct = Rs 900/ratti).

NOTE : Prices may vary according to the scope of availability of the Pearl in nature and market as well as Government Policies.

Pearl Gemstone Quality :-

Mainly the following parameters are considered while deciding quality of astrological Pearl:

Luster :- Hard, Glistening Luster also known as Pearly Luster. High quality Pearls exhibit High luster.

According to the latest technological advancement the Science of Symmetry is followed by MyRatna while selecting the Pearls to harness all the natural benefits of the Pearl.

Color :- Pearl comes in range of colors but astrologically Cream, White and Golden Pearls are considered the most powerful and effective and other colors include green, blue, brown, pink, yellow and black.

Shape :- Pearls are opaque. The shapes include : the classic round, button, symmetric, drop and baroque.

NOTE : The exclusive property of identification of a high quality Pearl is that when you look at the Pearl you will see your reflection clearly with depth.

The Pearl Gemstone(Moti) Is found in ocean beds inside oysters in which they are formed and grows. The finest quality of natural pearls is adorable and valued as gemstones which is used in jewelry and astrological purpose.The pearls have a unique luster and are available in colors such as cream, golden, white, pink, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple and black , and shapes such as round, button, drop and baroque.

Pearl Product Properties :-

Chemical composition :- CaCO3 & H2O(82-86% Calcium Carbonate, 10-14% Conchiolin and 2-4% water) 

Cause of Color :-Porphyrines, metalloporphyrines

Crystal Habit :- None

Hardness :- 3.5-4

Specific Gravity :- 2.65-2.85

Refractive Index :- 1.530-1.685

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Which Pearl Should I Buy?

Pearl gemstone, found in Ocean beds, is a smooth shining flawless round stone having attractiveness with soft glamour making it beautiful. Pearl weighing 5 to 10 carats, south sea Pearl, can be worn, but it should be done only after astrological consultation.

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Pearl gemstone commonly known as:

·       Mukta(Sanskrit)

·       Motee(Hindi)

·       Muttu (Kannada)
·       Moti (Gujarati)
·       Luliwa/Lulu(Arabic)
·       Perle(French)
·       Margaritári(Greek)


Pearl is an organic gemstone formed by living organisms(oyster or mollusks) inside which it starts out as minute bead, around which many layers forms. Pearls attain their beauty and luster through the passage of time and are treasured by various ancient and modern cultures around the world.

The Pearl represents Moon energy and comes in various shapes and colors such as: cream, gold, lavender, black, white, dark blue and pink. It is desired for its cooling and balancing attributes. China, Japan, Korea, Australian Indian Ocean , South Sea, America and Siberia are top production sites of Pearls in the world.


“Perfect shining spheres. Lustrous baroque forms. Seductive strands, warm to the touch. Pearls are simply and purely organic.(GIA)”

·        Pearls provide stability in life.

·        It strengthens the mind, increases the memory and gives comfortable sleep..

·        Reduces Throat trouble, eye trouble, dysentery are caused by afflicted moon.

·        Increases facial lustre and beauty in ladies by advancing the magnificence and appeal.

·        Assists in neutralizing the negative planetary effectss on human being.

·        It is beneficial for females, as it can help counter menstrual issues.

·        Pearls are aforethought to be gems of nurturing and nourishment.

·        Ushers feminine energy by helping connect with the ‘inner goddess’

“According to Ayurveda the pearl powder is referred as a stimulant of digestion and treats mental ailments.” 

·        Till the beginning of the 20th century it was a Hindu custom to pierce a completely new undrilled Pearl during the wedding ceremony.

·        The Pearl is also associated with Hindu deities, the most famous being the Kaustubha mani that Lord Vishnu wears on his chest.

·        In Hebrew scriptures the word Yahalom in the verse Exodus 28:18 means "pearl" and was the stone on the Hoshen representing the tribe of Zebulun.

·        In Christian New Testament scriptures, parable (Matthew 13:45–46), Jesus compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a "pearl of great price". "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly (fine) pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it."

·        The twelve gates of the New Jerusalem are reportedly each made of a single pearl in Revelation 21:21, that is, the Pearly Gates.

·        Holy things are compared to pearls in Matthew 7:6: "Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you."

·        In Islamic scriptures it is mentioned in the Quran that dwellers of paradise will be adorned with pearls:

  22:23 God will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to      Gardens beneath which rivers flow: they shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearls; and their garments there will be of silk.

  35:33 Gardens of Eternity will they enter: therein will they be adorned with bracelets of gold, silver and pearls; and their garments there will be of silk.

  52:24 Round about them will serve, [devoted] to them, youths [handsome] as pearls well-guarded.


·        Imitation pearls are smooth when rubbed against your teeth, while natural or cultured pearls have a slightly rough texture.

·        Pearl is the birthstone for June and the gem of the 3rd and 30th anniversaries.

·        The Pearl of Lao-tze, the world's largest pearl is found in 1934 and is about the size of a basketball.

·        The fascinating pearl oysters are born male and at round three years of age they transform into females.

·        One freshwater oyster can generally produce upto 50 pearls at a time.

·        Farming of Pearls is known as ‘Periculture’. 

·        The shell of pearl oysters is known as mother-of-pearl.

·        The development process of Pearl takes at least 6 months and can last as long as 24 months.

·        Kimberley, Western Australia witnessed a 2000 years old pearl in an archaeological dig.

·        A 500-year old pear shaped pearl - La Peregrina, which is as large as pigeon’s egg is one of the most famous pearls in the world with erstwhile owners including a King Philip II of Spain, Mary Tudor of England, Napoleon Bonaparte and Elizabeth Taylor.

·        In Greek mythology pearls were considered to be tears of joy shed by the goddess Aphrodite.

·         According to Ancient Egyptians Pearls are associated with Isis, the goddess of healing and life.

·        The first ever cultivated pearl is created by Kokichi Mikimoto

·        The pearl necklaces of various lengths are termed as: Choker, Princess, Matinee, Opera, and Rope.

·        Natural Cultured Pearls are produced by the process of inserting a foreign substance termed as nucleus within the body of an oyster or mussel, which in turn reponsively causes the organism to grow layers of a mineral called nacre around the nucleus which after a period of time forms into a pearl. For growing Pearls in Oysters, they are cultivated and harvested in mass numbers.

 “Symbol of purity and natural beauty.”

the pearl is also known as "the queen of gems and the gem of queens".



·        Personal Care Products can Damage Pearls.

·        Cosmetics, sun block, perfume and hairspray all contain chemicals that can dramatically dull the luster of a pearl.

·        Also the natural acids contained in body oils and perspiration can also damage pearls in the same way.

·        Put your pearls on at least 30 minutes after applying any personal care products and take your pearls off before getting ready for bed. Pearls should be the last things to put on and the first things to take off.

Follow Simple Steps to Protect Your Pearls

·        Wipe the pearls with a damp, soft cloth.

·        Keep your pearls separated from hard jewelry items such as rings or bracelets and best kept in a soft-cloth pouch or a soft-lined jewelry box.

·        Never store your pearls in an airtight environment because it will cause them to become brittle and damage the luster.

·        Have Pearls restrung timely.

·        Pearls should be re-strung about once a year to prevent strand breakage.

·        It is suggested to use of silk thread and alternatively nylon thread is acceptable.

·        The thread should be knotted between each pearl to prevent all the pearls in a strand from falling off should a break occur.

·        Knotting also prevents possible damage from the pearls rubbing against each other. 

PEARL - Various Perspectives


PEARL Spiritual Energy

§  Pearl is referred as a powerful spirit stabilizer.

§  It provides mood stability with its soothing and calming nature.

§  Its spirit-building capabilities help to relieve the uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension associated with occasional stress, leaving you cool, calm and collected.

§  Pearl is known as “the matrix of life itself.



·        Pearl is beneficial for heart, lungs (against tuberculosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis), kidneys, urinary system and liver and also carries sedative and laxative effect.

·        It can neutralize poison, lowers acidity and raises sensuality.

“Pearl was believed to be the main ingredient of "immortality elixir".

·        Pearls are thought to convey wisdom through experience and quicken the laws of karma.

§  Energy Healing

·        The specific frequency vibrations of Pearl help re-balance any deficiency and brings relief.

·        Pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection, and luck.

·        Balances body rhythms.


§ Chakras

§  Chakra Seven: Sahasrara, Chakra Three: Manipura


§  Pearls treat the digestive tract, muscular systems and skin and the powder of Pearl is proven to be one of the finest tonic herbs for beauty. Also its influence in stimulating SOD antioxidants fades blemishes, erases pimples, reduces scarring and wrinkles and controls the skin conditions of  rosacea and acne.

§  It was believed by the Asian royalty that Pearls helps to prevent the development of melanin, which causes dark skin pigmentation because of age and sunlight exposure.

§  For centuries the Chinese inclined towards the healing properties of Pearls to cure all ailments and even today the Chinese as well as many other people around the world use Pearl powder to whiten the skin.

§  Pearl powder is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, silica and amino acids and is appreciated by health addicts because not only it gives flawless skin on the outside but also grows beneficial mineral reserves on the inside which helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth and alike averts osteoporosis.

Color Therapy uses Pearls

Color Energy

·        Cream –Success

·        Gold – Wealth

·        Lavender – Love

·        Black – Luck, Safety

·        White – Health, Freedom

·        Brownish-Wisdom

·        Pink – Happiness

·        Green-Joy


·        Pearl improves feelings of good will.

·        It uplifts the feelings as well as calms and soothes the emotions, heals the negative inner voice.

·        It provides relief from uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension.

·        Pearls also have a positive effect on emotional people by imparting stability in their emotions.

·        It benefits the wearer with truth and loyalty. 


·        Pearl imparts foresight to its wearer and protects him/her from risky commercial transactions and from evil eye as well.

·        It delivers a lot of fame, respect, wealth and kingly comforts.


§  Pearls are believed to cement engagements and love relationships Pearl strengthens sensual acuity and boosts sexual energy.

§  Spreads loving vibrations.

§  Wearing pearls on wedding day leads to marital bliss and insures a happy marriage.

§  Develops harmony between husband and wife.




The info on this site is for information purpose only. Please see your doctor or healthcare professionals before starting any alternative treatments/programs. It is recommended that the product be used with due care. The product which results in variation of shade with every usage and add unique characteristics to the product.

The benefits are derived when used genuine Emerald and placed appropriately.



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