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Yellow Sapphire

Ceylon v/s Thailand Yellow Sapphire

Which one is a better choice over the other depends on so many factors. Some of these determining factors directly relate to you, the client. Why are you looking for a Yellow sapphire? Are there some astrological recommendations for you or you are prompted to get it or it is just an aesthetic bent of […]

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Can Scorpio Ascendant wear Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant

Today, We will discuss about suitability of “Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant”. Let us know a little bit about Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone and the discuss how it can be beneficial for Scorpio Ascendant. Yellow Sapphire is known as Pushyaraga in Sanskrit and Pukhraj in hindi. Wearing Yellow Sapphire has numerous benefits like wisdom, […]

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