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March 27, 2020

Best Substitutes for a Diamond Ring

Substitute of Diamond Ring


We all know how precious a diamond is. About 1 million years ago Diamond acquired their shape some 100 miles beneath the earth and it stands at 10-ohm hardness index. Not only is Diamond the hardest gem but most expensive as well and hence most desirable.

If a young man with affluence, prosperity, and sophistication is hopelessly in love with someone and wants to show his passionate feelings on the eve of engagement, he would, in the first place, go for a diamond. Because a diamond is forever. Diamond is loved for its unmatched fire, brilliance, and scintillation. Its index as high as 10 on the MOH hardness scale makes it dent free, scratch-proof and durable.

But a young man with compassion, empathy, and limited fortunes would inhibit his desire to buy a diamond ring on his engagement for a budget. He would rather go for an almost equally shining gem that could match both diamond’s grandeur and buyer’s pocket.

Here’s a list of precious gemstones – some shine as brilliantly as diamonds, some have their own elegance and charm that sets them uniquely apart from diamonds.


He or she might have to compromise on quality a little but it could save considerable cost. The best replica of a diamond is, as far as cut,colour,brilliance and fire are concerned is Moissanite. This synthetically processed gem is more eco friendly and pocket friendly than diamond. It stands at 9.5 on the MOH scale and has a higher refractive index than diamond. The smaller in size moissanite is, the more akin to diamond it appears. So the young man with humble means but the generous heart doesn’t have to dishearten himself.

Moissanite would perfectly outshine a diamond without having to be bigger or more expensive.

Opal and Natural Zircon also qualify as the natural substitute or astrological substitute of Diamond. Emerald with its shining green hue can also be preferred over a diamond. Pearls are elegantly simple. Their simplicity adds elegance to whatever else one wears. Which substitute, for whom and on what count is better than Diamond is a relatively personal query and hence be dealt with so.

If budget is the biggest constraint and astrological benefits are not a concert, one must opt Moissanite. If you are also seeking astrological benefits are limited on budget, you must go for Opal or Natural Zircon being the natural gemstones

Diamond-Astrological Benefits

Diamond favors Virgo and Libra. This gemstone is known to enhance sexual strength, stamina, and passion. It is known to provide protective solace to eyes, throat, sexual organs, and digestive system. But at the same time, it doesn’t favor ascendants born under the zodiacs –Aries, Pisces, and Scorpio.

One should consider all these factors while giving up the idea to buy a diamond.


A diamond may be as costly as 4000 to 5000 $ per carat while Moissanite $400 per carat and CZ at $ 20 to 30. All in all, one’s decision to buy a diamond substitute ought to be wise in terms of price, quality, the pride of possession and of course astrologer’s advice. Moissanite, a perfect diamond stimulant is almost as durable as Diamond, less expensive and more refractive. Its formation is very much akin to Diamond. Astrologically Opal is one of the best substitutes of Diamond. Its healing power is as strong as Diamond’s. Opal unifies one with the universe, with all the inner chakras of the human body. It does away with public stigma and fills you with the brain’s unexplored power.

              Not all types of diamonds are equally heavy on one’s pocket. A heart-shaped diamond is definitely as expensive as your heart is but Emerald cuts or round cuts are no less a diamond. Go according to your budget if you can’t settle for less than a diamond. A 30 cent diamond earring worth Rs.25000 to 30000 is quite a worthy gift for your beloved.

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