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Can Scorpio Ascendant wear Yellow Sapphire

September 25, 2019

Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant

Today, We will discuss about suitability of “Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant”. Let us know a little bit about Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone and the discuss how it can be beneficial for Scorpio Ascendant.

Yellow Sapphire is known as Pushyaraga in Sanskrit and Pukhraj in hindi. Wearing Yellow Sapphire has numerous benefits like wisdom, mental peace, courage, happiness and averts accidents. Yellow Sapphire bestows mental balance in a person as it reduces anxiety and mental stress. It strengthen veins and arteries medically it increases blood circulation. It calms the mind and balance the emotions of the wearer.

Wearing Yellow sapphire is  beneficial for businessmen , sportsmen, spiritual people , students , research professionals, scientists,  Film Producers, Directors, Actors, Singers, etc.

The Yellow Sapphire is sour, cool, and curative of abnormal oxidation, increases appetite, and brings fame, wealth and wisdom. (Mani Mala Part II, 65).

Scorpio Ascendant and Yellow Sapphire

If Scorpio being your ascendant / Sign lord , Jupiter is the most auspicious planet and wearing Yellow Sapphire will pave the way for increase in wealth ,  good education , good health , good children’s , advantage from Government and society. If Jupiter is in 5th house then wearing bright Yellow Sapphire will make yow well learned and educated , speaks manner fully and in dignified way . Such a person posses authority , has knowledge of religious and spiritual matters . Further by wearing Yellow sapphire one rolls in money if Jupiter is with your Ascendant lord Mars seated in 2nd house or such a combination is in 5th house then he gets heavy gains , riches through wisdom , possess scientific knowledge and highest spiritual of libration. If Jupiter is in 9th house in 5° then it gets exalted and  with Moon there it causes Gaj Kesari Yoga  of good health , wisdom , benefits from lands and property , possess vehicles , wealth , happiness , peace, has sharp nose , and is of gentle refined nature.

If Jupiter, Moon and Mars are together in Ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 9 and 10 house then it causes biggest Raj Yoga . Wearing Yellow Sapphire will provide opportunities to be financially well off, one may be Minister or he may be from rich royal family or business tycoon with  ample of facilities in life. Such a person will be an icon among rich people. Such a planetary combination is obtained by good deeds in past life.

Scorpio being your Ascendant / Sign lord Jupiter is most lucky planet.  Your favorable gemstones among all 9 gemstones are Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, White Pearl and Ruby.

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Favourable Metal for Yellow Sapphire Ring / Pendant.

Among all metals Gold, Pancha dhatu , Ashtadhatu (alloy of 8 metals) , Gold mixed with Tin etc. are most suitable for Yellow Sapphire ring for best result and should be worn on waxing moon i.e Shukla Paksha Thursday coming on Asthami , Navami , Dashami , Ekadashi and Poornima  within one hour of Thursday Sunrise.

Procedure to recharge Yellow Sapphire gemstone

After your bath , place the Yellow Sapphire ring in Silver or copper or Ceramic cup . Wash with raw milk , Ganga Jal (Purified Water) with Tulsi leaves (Basil) and light dhoop and Deepak in front of your God or in Sunlight chant Bhrihaspati  graha mantra “Om Brim Bhihaspataye Namah” for 9 , 18 or 108 times then wear Yellow Sapphire ring in your lndex finger (Tarjani).

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