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January 20, 2020

Horoscope : 2020 For Pisces

According to Horoscope, 2020 for Pisces. Pisceans, you are lucky, for you begin the year with Jupiter resident in the tenth house of your horoscope! He is your ruling planet, and if you befriend his favorite gemstone, the Yellow Sapphire, all should be well!

Additionally, Ketu, Sun, Mercury and Saturn have taken up residence in the same house. Mars occupies the ninth house. Naturally, everything should prove most auspicious and beneficial for you. True, the presence of Rahu in the fourth house may cause you to become confused about things. However, if you exercise caution in big purchases, you should be all right. The other big expenditure is on health issues. Health concerns might usher tension into the family atmosphere.

Businesspersons should have several reasons for celebration in the first quarter of the year! You are bound to achieve both, great success and large profits. If you are into a job, you may expect various opportunities to come your way. They promote career growth. You will be delighted with promotions, enhancement in respect and support, etc. It does not matter if you make changes in what you are doing currently, or planning to experiment with something new. Since the planets are in the place of karma with Pisces, you will only obtain good results. If your life partner is into a career too, he/she will have success too. Whatever is the case, do not forget to thank Mars for transiting from the ninth to the 11th house. This is a sign of good fortune.

The 2020 horoscope for Pisces suggests a wonderful year on the financial front. To begin with, Mars is the Lord of Wealth, and he is a resident in his house. Secondly, Venus occupies the place of profit and income. Thirdly, Saturn is moving into the same space on January 24. Naturally, large amounts of money are bound to come your way. 

Concerning romance, 2020 for Pisces promises to be a satisfying one. With the advent of Venus into the 11th house, you may expect to have a wonderfully pleasant time, whether you are married or unmarried. If you are unmarried, you may marry the person of your dreams with the support of your family. You may even take trips together, specifically to hill stations, or even abroad, as a married couple.

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