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January 20, 2020

Horoscope: 2020 for Taurus

According to Horoscope 2020 for Taurus, Planet Venus rules over Taurus, and its presence in the ninth house should prove highly favorable for you.

Apart from that, you also have five other planets residing in the eighth house, which should suffice to provide additional benefits. You just might be lucky enough to purchase your own home too. About health, you have nothing to worry about in the first few months of 2020. The snag is that planet Saturn has taken over the 12th house until January 24. This could result in delays and slight ill luck.

Therefore, wear a diamond on your finger. Planet Venus/Shukra will always protect you then.

What about 2020 for Taurus’ career growth?

Well, you will have to confront some challenges. However, you should be able to tackle them easily. The same Saturn, which troubles you in January, will prove beneficial in February. In combination with Jupiter, it will ensure that you receive several opportunities for progressing in your career. In fact, family members, close relatives, and friends will be more than willing to offer you health advice. Expect greater growth as the year goes on.

Your hard work will not go waste, as evinced by the improvement in your financial status. Despite Saturn presenting obstacles in your path at the beginning of the year, Mercury’s presence in the seventh house will help you overcome them successfully. Even Ketu aims to bring you financial benefits. Then again, you may expect an increase in salary by the end of January. If you are a business person, you may expect good profits. Thus, the 2020 horoscope for Taurus is splendid on the financial front!

Venus comes to your rescue once again, on the romantic front! You may expect to fulfill all your wishes and expectations during the first quarter of the year. In case, you are in a relationship with someone, you may expect the atmosphere to be mellow and comfortable at all times. If you are unmarried, you will have the delight of linking up with the perfect partner. If you are already married, the presence of Mars in the seventh house promises marital bliss. Jupiter resides in the fourth house, keen to bring more amenities and luxuries into your home. Mercury’s residence in the fifth house is good for auspicious events. 

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