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February 26, 2020

8 Question to ask before Buying Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the Most desired after gemstone. Its durability and rarity makes it one of the most beloved gem. Almost everyone thinks of Sapphire as an expensive gem. But its price can range between reasonable to expensive.

Buying a Blue sapphire can be mammoth task as there are so many factors to be considered from Carat to Cut to Clarity. One also needs to beware of fraudsters selling pieces of glass or low quality gems.

1)Choose your Blue Sapphire-

Before you buy a blue sapphire, you need to be clear about estimated weight of blue sapphire and your budget as blue sapphire can range from medium to Premium quality with relevant prices. Following are the factors that you should consider.

There are four main things you want to look at when choosing a blue sapphire or rather any gemstone, known as “4 Cs that decides the quality of any earth-mined Gemstone”

Color-The basic premise in color is how pure or intense the blue color is. Blue sapphire is pure blue and chosen shades are medium to medium-dark. Higher the level of Saturation better the sapphire is.

Clarity- Blue sapphires or rather any Natural Gemstones will always comes with inclusions. Even clean looking gemstones from naked eye have inclusions in them visible on magnification. Having some inclusions in the stone is a testament of its originality so they are okay but as the inclusions increases, price of sapphire decreases. Also more the transparency, more will be the price of blue sapphire

 Cut-    The shape and finishing in the cutting is a critical part  in imparting shine and sparkle to blue sapphire thus effects a lot on blue sapphire price and customer choice.

Carat- The weight of Blue sapphire is measured in carat. A carat is equivalent to 1/5th(.20th) of a gram. One carat of sapphire will look smaller than one carat of a diamond because sapphire has a high density. Also price of sapphires increase exponentially with increase in weight. For e.g. Two blue sapphire of same similar cut, color and clarity of 1 carat and 2 carat will differ too much in price. If the price of 1 carat sapphire is INR 30000/- . For 2 carat piece, it will surely be INR 80000/- or more not the double price of 1 carat.


High to Low Quality of Blue Sapphire

2) The origin of Blue Sapphire-

Another prior question should be where exactly do blue sapphires come from? Blue sapphires are mined from  specific locations across the world. The most popular are Sri Lanka and Thailand. Blue sapphire from various origins will always differ in color, clarity and quality. For example, Blue Sapphires from Kashmir are considered to be of highest grade due to their peacock blue color but due to no mining in almost last 100  years, people have now moved to 2nd best alternate of Sri Lankan/Ceylon Sapphires. Further if you are on a tight budget, you can also look at the sapphires from Thailand.

3) If you want to wear blue sapphire as per Vedic Astrology, please confirm the suitability with any expert astrologer?


  • 1) According to Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire or neelam gemstones is associated with Saturn (Shani) Planet.
  • As per Indian Astrology, Blue sapphire is highly recommended for Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh) and also Ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo can wear the Neelam birthstone
  • It strengthens Saturn and helps attain growth and wellness in life.
  • Remember If blue sapphire doesn’t suit, you will immediately feel a Negative effect.
  • To Know whether Blue Sapphire suits you or not, call +91-98080-24444 now.

4) Should you buy online or offline?

  • In the Digital era, everything is moving to the Smartphone.
  • An E-commerce website, you have the whole world of products to buy from the comfort of your home with couple of clicks. In addition, your choices list isn’t limited, you can switch and choose from different websites within a click. With respect to purchasing gemstones, you will always have lot more variety and completely your own choice while buying or not through online medium. While visiting any offline store or shop, you will rarely get more than a couple of options.
  • Also buying gemstones offline from store will be very hectic and will need lot more time and effort.
  • At MyRatna, We Reassure that you will get 100% Natural and certified Gemstone.

5) Which is best suitable metal for blue sapphire ring?

According to Astrology, Silver should be the first choice of metal while making a blue sapphire Ring or Pendant. If you want to go for higher budget, you can go for platinum and white gold.

6) In which finger you should wear blue sapphire ring?

Blue Sapphire should be worn in the middle finger of  working hand or in a pendant and right time to wear it is 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM to 4:15 PM and 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM on saturday.

7) The ideal weight of Blue Sapphire

Ideally, the minimum weight of Blue sapphire to be worn should be calculated according to your body weight where each 15 – 18 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat. So if you weight 6kg. You can divide 6. by 18 which comes around 3.33 so you can wear blue sapphire above 3.5 carats.  Generally one should go for atleast 2+ carat good quality blue sapphire.

8) How to Wear Blue Sapphire?

According to Vedic Astrology, Following procedure should be followed for wearing blue sapphire ring or pendant

Place the ring in a metal bowl. Add Ganga Jal (holy water), cow milk, honey, tulsi leaves, and ghee. Recite “Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah” (ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः) and take the ring out, clean it with water and wear it on the working hand middle finger.


Now, that you’re loaded up with knowledge on Blue sapphire you can go for purchasing without any worries.

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