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Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Gemstone

August 23, 2022

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone is a greenish-blue semi-precious stone. It belongs to the beryl family. The word aquamarine is a combination of two words: ‘Aqua’ which means water and ‘Marine’ which means sea, which together means ‘water of the sea’ or the ‘color of the sea’. It gets its name from its color. The Hindi name of aquamarine gemstone is ‘Beruj’. It is the birthstone for March. The color ranges from pale-blue to light-green. The color of aquamarine gemstone symbolizes youth and happiness. As the meaning of the name suggests it has a soothing and a calming effect. There are many benefits of Aquamarine gemstone. Let’s dig up little bit deeper into it.

Aquamarine Stone

Some basic benefits of wearing Aquamarine Gemstone:

  • Attracts money
  • Brings good fortune
  • Financial abundance
  • Protects from negative energies
  • Cleanses all evil thoughts
  • Stability in married life
  • Improves communication
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Reduces stress and gives peace of mind
  • Clears confusion

Benefits Of Aquamarine

How Aquamarine gemstone was used in ancient times? In ancient time people used aquamarine gemstone to cure vision. They used to make a powder of aquamarine gemstone and then would use aquamarine powder to cure eye or throat related problems. In the Middle Age, aquamarine gemstone was said to be a cure for poison. People used to keep aquamarine gemstone in water and then used that water to cure problems related to heart, liver, stomach and mouth. Aquamarine gemstone was also said to cure hiccups.

Physical Health benefits of wearing Aquamarine Gemstone:

  • Aquamarine gemstone promotes overall health of the wearer
  • Relieves pain: chronic pain, headaches, etc.
  • Helps in cancer related issues
  • Helps recover from surgery faster than it takes normally
  • Cures hormonal imbalance: thyroid gland, pineal gland, pituitary gland, etc.
  • Maintains the perfect homeostasis of various endocrine glands
  • Bestows better immune system
  • Helps in communication skills: helps one become a great orator
  • Helps fight throat infection and disorders related to jaws and neck as well
  • Helps strengthen the kidneys and liver
  • Helps reduce problems related to ears, eyes and stomach
  • Helps erase grief and depression from the lives
  • Discourages miscarriages
  • Alleviates fever or allergies
  • Protects the sailors from overeating and indigestion

Mental Health benefits of wearing Aquamarine Gemstone:

Aquamarine gemstone is associated with the calmness of seas and tranquility and aquamarine is also associated with trusting and letting go

  • Helps in balancing the mental level
  • Eliminates the risk of developing any sort of mental illness like depression, anxiety, stress, fear, etc.
  • Helps get rid of the unwanted fear
  • Helps face all challenges of life courageously and wisely
  • Helps with unexpected mishappenings
  • Helps one realize their true worth
  • Boosts confidence; providing them conviction and clarity
  • Connects one to the idea of openness
  • Helps one remain calm in stressful situations
  • Brings happiness in one’s life
  • Protects everyone who travels near water, over water and by water from all possible issues
  • Helps one become fearless
  • Brings good luck to the wearer on the open water
  • Helps end material craving
  • Helps overcome insecurities
  • Helps one become down to earth, loving and selfless
  • Bless a relationship with loyalty, faithfulness and eternal love
  • Helps one express their thoughts and feelings
  • Increases self-confidence and makes the wearer fluent in communication
  • Gives proper vision to make quick and positive responses
  • Helps one make right choice
  • Makes wearer witty and quick decision maker
  • Helps end unwanted emotional and karmic energies

Financial Health benefits of wearing aquamarine gemstone:

  • Allows one prosper in financial health
  • Brings positivity and abundance in finance
  • Helps business flourish
  • Helps attract more inflow of money

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