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February 23, 2019

MyRatna Exclusive Rudraksha Special Offer on Mahashivratri 2019


Rudraksha: is a natural bead believed to have been created from the eyes(tears) of Lord Shiva. It is the seed of the Rudraksha tree obtained from its fruits. The beads come in a variety of faces (Mukhi) ranging from 1-21. Over the centuries numerous individuals have witnessed the cosmic bliss of the Rudraksha. Its empowering, uplifting and harmonizing effects are some of the various attributes that are aligned with the individual wearing beads or doing Japa (recitation).

Benefits of Rudraksha:-

The beads of Rudraksha have a very high energy interplay that fosters coordination of various energies in the environment at every level of being. Following are the benefits attached to Rudraksha.

  • Nullify the effects of malefic planets.
  • Successful accomplishments of plans.
  • Bio-electric and Bio-magnetic properties of Rudraksha derives well being by having a stabilizing effect on the heart and stimulates calmness and relaxation which aids while meditating to trigger deeper states and in day-to-day life as well.
  • Alleviates stress, depression, anxiety and mood disorders. One experiences heightened energy levels and stamina.
  • Fulfills all the wishes.
  • Beneficial in traveling.
  • Improves concentration.

Importance of Rudraksha on Mahashivratri 2019

Rudraksha is kindred to Lord Shiva. The auspiciousness of Mahashivratri this year is blooming as it is on Monday, the day dedicated to Lord Shiva. The energy of Rudraksha is multiplied to great extent and is highly beneficial for the one who is attuning to it for him/herself. Energizing Rudraksha on the blissful occasion of Mahashivratri will synergize the desires with overall well being of the individual at various levels. The energy patterns and structure will provide physical-mental-emotional-spiritual harmony at the purest of being.

The specific benefits from the range of 1-14 mukhi Rudraksha altogether with Gaurishankar Rudraksha and Ganesh Rudraksha will be manifested respectively.

It is important to consider that the Rudraksha is genuine before buying because you can only benefit from it if is real. There are many imitated Rudrakshas, one can be easily deceived.

5 things to know before buying authentic Rudraksha

Identify Original Rudraksha

The original Rudraksha does not have any negative effects. However, if the Rudraksha is not real or imitated will not provide any benefit at all, at times the effect can be unfavorable. It is preferred to Buy from the trusted seller. To identify a real Rudraksha, here is a handy guide from MyRatna.

Why Buy Rudraksha from MyRatna

We provide genuine best quality Rudraksha. Our range of Rudraksha has:-

  • 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Gaurishankar Rudraksha
  • Ganesh Rudraksha
  • Rudraksha Japa-mala (rosary)
  • Rudraksha Mala

It is the virtue of trust that we emphasize here at MyRatna by bringing the best of certified natural Rudraksha and Gemstones for various purposes.

Our dedicated team is here for your assistance.

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