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August 8, 2022

Types of Rudraksha and Their Benefits


Types of Rudraksha and Their Benefits


Rudraksha: A stone fruit, produced by a number of species of large, evergreen, broad-leaved tree in the genus Elaeocarpus, the principal species of which is Elaeocarpus ganitrus. When the stones are dried they are used as prayer beads. After the fruits are ripe, they are covered by an inedible blue outer fruit, so they are sometimes called “blueberry beads”.

‘Rudra” in Rudraksha refers to Lord Shiva and “Aksha” to Shiva’s tears.

Types of Rudraksha and their benefits:

Rudraksha stones are classified on the basis of the mukhi or facets (faces) they have and there is one Ganesha Rudraksha and Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. They have between 1 to 21 faces. Those with the single face commonly known as one mukhi are the rarest. It’s said to have many benefits. One can wear it irrespective of age, sex, religion and caste.


  • Ganesha Rudraksha and its benefits:

Ganesha Rudraksha







It is ruled by Lord Ganesha also known as Vighna Harta, eliminates all problems and difficulties from one’s life. The ruling planet is Rahu. It gets its name from it shape, it consist of a trunk-like stem which resembles to Lord Ganesha.

  • One gets power to handle difficult situations in life 
  • Increases self-confidence and peace of mind
  • Gives name and fame to the wearer
  • Provides earthly satisfaction
  • Helps to achieve success in life
  • Cures heart problems, headaches, blood pressure concerns and eye problems


  • Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and its benefits:

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

It is ruled by the heavenly unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati which expresses union and bond. It is a combination of two naturally attached rudraksha.

  • Improves relationship
  • Brings happiness
  • Works as a shield from negative energies
  • Provides balance in life
  • Favorable for harmony and peace
  • Keeps one away from anxiety and distress
  • Cures infertility, sexual dysfunction and disorders


  • One Mukhi (1-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

One Mukhi Rudraksha

It is ruled by Mahadev (Lord Shiva) himself. It is the rarest of all and provides the maximum benefits.

  • The power of this rare stone leads the wearer to the path of moksha
  • Enhances concentration and confidence
  • Brings one wealth, health and mental peace
  • Helps in success
  • Controls blood pressure, stress and anxiety
  • Cures migraine and diseases of the brain
  • Protects from evil eye or buri nazar
  • Remove the malefic effects of sun in horoscope


  • Two Mukhi (2-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It symbolizes UNTY and TOGETHERNESS, and a joint images of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

  • Improves relationships making them happier and ever-lasting
  • Brings positivity
  • Helps in emotional stability
  • Help singles find their true soul mate
  • Helps in memory loss, bladder related diseases, respiratory and heart diseases
  • Cures infertility
  • Removes the malefic effects of moon in horoscope


  • Three Mukhi (3-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It portrays the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It has three lines, mukhas or facets on its surface.

  • Has the power to erase the sin of past life
  • Soothing effect on mind and body
  • Releases stress
  • Helps in self-esteem and fears
  • One feels energized and get rid of laziness
  • Cures all women related diseases
  • After wearing it the diseases of blood, cancer and accidents can be avoided
  • Removes the malefic effects of sun and Mars in horoscope


  • Four Mukhi (4-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It depicts Lord Brahma.

  • Improves logical thinking 
  • Sharpens ones memory, vocal power and intelligence
  • Gains power of knowledge and creativity
  • Helps gain self-worth and uniqueness
  • Highly useful for students, teachers and those involved in mind related professions


  • Five Mukhi (5-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

This is the most commonly found type of Rudraksha. It symbolizes the five elements: the sky, air, fire, water and earth.

  • Gives name, fame and mental peace to the wearer
  • Eliminates negative vibes
  • Brings happiness and prosperity
  • Protects from accidental deaths
  • Prevents all diseases and cures problems related to breast , blood pressure and fistula


  • Six Mukhi (6-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is ruled by Lord Shiva’s six headed son, Kartikeya and is blessed by his qualities.

  • Benefits the ones who have Mangal Dosha in their Kundali
  • Brings stability in life
  • Controls anger, anxiety and jealousy
  • Improves will power and the power of expression
  • Helps remove fear and helps face challenges in life
  • Helps in diseases of sexual organs, mouth, cancer, kidney failure, eye problem and many more
  • Removes the malefic effects of the planet Mars


  • Seven Mukhi (7-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It represents Goddess Mahalaxmi, the goddess of wealth and symbolizes the seven sacred rivers.

  • Helps gain good health and wealth
  • Helps to win court cases and disputes
  • Brings good luck in life
  • Improves sexual energy and cures all problems related to sex
  • Helps in heart problems and stomach diseases
  • Removes malefic effects of Saturn


  • Eight Mukhi (8-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is the symbol of Lord Ganesha the son of Lord Shiva and is highly lucky for all people.

  • Removes obstacles
  • Helps achieve success
  • Leads to happier life
  • Increases the mind stability which helps wearer remain peaceful and calm
  • Brings name, fame, prosperity, leadership qualities and artistic abilities
  • Helps cure diseases nervous system, gall bladder, prostate gland and respiratory troubles
  • Removes the malefic effects of Saturn and Rahu


  • Nine Mukhi (9-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It represents Goddess Maha Durga. The ruling planet is Ketu. It is one of the rare ones.

  • Helps in anger management
  • Helps gain mental strength
  • Brings positive energy, power and fearlessness
  • Brings success in life
  • Helps win over enemies
  • Freed from stress
  • Makes ones confident and courageous
  • Cures diseases of brain, sexual organs and eyes
  • Prevents abortions
  • Removes the malefic effect of Rahu and Ketu


  • Ten Mukhi (10-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is a special one and is ruled by Lord Lakshmi Narayan. It symbolizes the ten avatars of lord Vishnu.

  • Helps overcome difficult time
  • Protects from evil eye and black magic
  • Brings peace and prosperity
  • Removes the fear of ghost and enemies
  • Cures restlessness, insomnia and hypertension
  • Brings joy and happiness in life


  • Eleven Mukhi (11-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is ruled by Hanuman. It symbolizes the eleven manifestations of Lord Shiva.

  • Helps conquer enemies
  • Sound physical and mental health
  • Helps wearer excel in speech
  • Helps in business, negotiation and intellectual skills
  • Longevity of life
  • Cures blood pressure, heart ailments and diabetes
  • Enhances concentration


  • Twelve Mukhi (12-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It symbolizes Lord Vishnu and is one of the most popular among all types of Rudraksha. The ruling planet is Sun.

  • Bestows with the ruling skills and power of leadership
  • Gives inner power and strength to the body
  • Releases stress, anger, worries and low self esteem
  • Gives brilliance, radiance and luster to the wearer
  • Cures vastu related problems and black magic
  • Cures diseases related to heart, eye, skin problems and blood vessels
  • Removes malefic effects of the sun


  • Thirteen Mukhi (13-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is ruled by Lord Indra and the ruling planet is Venus. This one is highly sacred and fulfills all worldly desires of the wearer.

  • Makes one intelligent, fearless and confident
  • Helps one find good spouse
  • Helps treat psychological illness, sexual problems, arthritis and thyroid problems
  • Removes the malefic effects on moon and Venus


  • Fourteen Mukhi (14-Mukhi) Rudraksha and its benefits:

It is ruled by Lord Hanuman and the ruling planet is Saturn. It is also known as Dev Mani (Devine Gem). It is said to be directly produced from the third eye of Lord Shiva.

  • Increases thinking power
  • Helps one make correct decisions
  • Protects from enemies and all negative energies
  • Helps in concentration
  • Helps to achieve all the dreams of life
  • Brings harmony in homes
  • Cures stammering, diseases like memory loss, problems of eye and spine
  • Removes the malefic effects of Saturn


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