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January 20, 2020

Horoscope: 2020 for Aquarians

According to horoscope, 2020  for Aquarians, a great year is in store for you! However, it would help to plan each day for maximum benefit. The wonderful thing about your zodiac sign is that you need not fear Saturn/Shani, as all others do! He is your ruling planet and favors the Blue Sapphire gemstone, which again, everyone fears to befriend!

Regardless, you had better keep a keen eye on your health. This is because Saturn enters the 12th house on January 24, which will prove harmful for you. You may experience throat pain, headache, etc. In short, you will be in physical distress, requiring visits to a medical practitioner and an increase in expenses. What is heartening is that you will discover ways to overcome these problems too, thanks to your natural intelligence.

About career, you will discover all manner of novel possibilities to progress in it. Mars, the resident in the 10th house, proves extremely beneficial for you. If you are in a government job or seeking one, you will score wonderfully well. Your reputation will receive a boost. Even employees in the IT sector will experience professional growth. Whatever your field of work, you might receive an appraisal, new projects, etc. If you are keen to try for a new job or launch a new business, this is the right time to do so. Whatever you do, ensure that health issues do not distract you from focusing on your career. Opt for prevention rather than cure.

Note that Venus, the Lord of wealth and profit, has settled into your 12th house, you might expect both, enhancement in income and increase in expenditure. Nonetheless, if you keep a wise head on your shoulders, you should be able to avoid wasteful spending and taking wrong decisions regarding investment. Fortunately, you will always have sufficient money to meet any and every kind of demand.  The love horoscope for 2020, Aquarius, suggests that couples/lovers avoid ego problems and arguments. Mercury and Sun are eager to bring about compatibility and cooperation. In case, you are married, your romantic life will be average. There will neither be too much of love nor disagreements. However, your attachment to your children will increase. Those, seeking partners, need to be careful, for betrayals are possible.

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