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Properties and Benefits of Navratna Stone

October 10, 2023

properties and benefits of navratana

The word ‘Navratnas’ translates to ‘nine gems.’ According to Vedic Astrology, our lives are ruled by the Navgrahas ,or ‘nine planets.’ In his book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yoganand states “Just as a house can be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so the bodily temple can be benefited by various protective measures. Ages ago our yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets.”

In South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and other Southeast countries too; Navratna studded jewelry has been a part of the Royal Courts. Kings and Queens were adorned with heavy gold ornaments inlaid with large gemstones. The Vaastu of the Navratnas is very intricate and must be practiced with the utmost consideration.

Navratnas and Their Qualities

Navratnas hold great power and therefore have to be arranged in a particular formation so they don’t cancel out each other’s properties, with Ruby being the centre of the arrangement. The alignment of each gemstone is also done with respect to what the ornament will be and how it will be placed on the body. The Navratnas must be in contact with your skin.

When you wear them together, you can claim the collective benefits of these 9 gemstones:


A highly precious gemstone, Diamond pleases the planet – Venus. It brings wealth, luxury, power, marital bliss, and success to the wearer. It is a great stone for those with diabetes, and stomach ailments.

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Pearl gains its strength from the sea and the Moon. It bestows calmness, tranquillity, peace, relief from insomnia, and emotional stability upon the wearer. It treats fluid imbalances in the body and urinary tract ailments.

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Red Coral

Since Mars is the ruler of Red Coral, it imbues the wearer of this stone with fiery confidence, physical and mental energy, and courage. Excellent choice for military persons. Moonga particularly overcomes the ‘Maanglik Dosh.’

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Rahu the shadow planet looks over Hessonite. Favourable for those suffering from numerous adversities, skin diseases and addictions, and substance abuse. It helps one reach personal and professional goals and maintain success.

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Blue Sapphire

There is no other gemstone that is as fast-acting and transformational as the Blue Sapphire. This miraculous stone ruled by Saturn can completely change luck, protect one from evil eyes, and attract fortune and fame.

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Cat’s Eye

The shadow planet Ketu, also the ruler of the Cat’s Eye, must be pleased or it may create problems for people with a weak Ketu. This stone dispels negative karmic influences, protects from scandals and bad reputations, and uplifts spiritual energies.

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Yellow Sapphire

Incredibly auspicious and a powerful tool against depression and anxiety, Yellow Sapphire brings positivity, optimism, happiness, and zeal to one’s life. Governed by Jupiter, it pulls luck, wealth, good luck, and potential-filled opportunities toward the wearer.

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Ruled by the planet Mercury, Emerald is known for its power of increasing intellectual capacities. This green-hued gem attracts money, luck, prosperity, and abundance. It also boosts wisdom, creativity, and concentration.

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‘King of the Jewels,’ Ruby amplifies power, status, love, leadership, passion, and vitality. It recharges one’s professional success and rekindles sexual attraction in couples. It helps alleviate heart and blood-related ailments.

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Can I Wear Navratnas?

These 9 gems together hold great astrological importance and are an incredibly potent vehicle to drive your life to great success. Since everyone’s lives are affected by the Navgrahas, everyone can wear Navratna jewellery.

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properties and benefits of navratana

Properties and Benefits of Navratna Stone

The word ‘Navratnas’ translates to ‘nine gems.’ According to Vedic Astrology, our lives are ruled by the Navgrahas ,or ‘nine planets.’ In his book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yoganand states...

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