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Properties and Benefits of Wearing Natural Moonstone

May 18, 2023

Properties and Benefits of wearing natural Moonstone

Benefits of Wearing Natural Moonstone

The beaming silvery haze. The round shimmery surface. And if the name wasn’t enough, the stunning adularescence that is displayed whenever it hits the light. The connection of the Moonstone with the Moon is very strong.

Ancient Romans and Greeks associated the Moonstone with divinity and lunar deities such as Artemis, Diana, and Selene. Eastern cultures believe gems that ‘hold light’ within themselves are solidified moonbeams and bring good luck.

Artisans bestowed great patronage on the Moonstone during the Art Nouveau era. Intricate pieces of rings, pendants, and earrings made of silver displayed moon-related motifs that were added to enhance their beauty.

Moonstone and Mythology

In Hindu Mythology, Chandramanior Moonstone was said to hold ‘ethereal light.’ It earned the moniker of the ‘Dream Stone’ and was said to bring peaceful sleep and beautiful vivid dreams at night. Moonstone’s mystical abilities include bringing forth visions and prophecies to those who wore it when the moon’s power is at its highest.

Moon Goddesses are associated with femininity and fertility and so is the Moonstone. This gem protects pregnant mothers and improves the chances of conception.

Benefits of the Moonstone

Moonstone’s magical qualities spread across a wide span. Healers and psychics favour the Moonstone for its metaphysical properties.

Here are some of the other benefits of the Moonstone:

  • Regulates menstrual disorders, improves fertility, and alleviates hormonal imbalances
  • Strengthens psychic abilities and intuition, makes decision-making better
  • Protects during travels and clears away any bad luck and impact of unforeseen accidents
  • Balances emotions and bring peace and tranquillity to the wearer
  • Synchronises the sleep cycle and gives vivid and happy dreams
  • Brings fortune and helps the wearer to adapt to transformations
  • Heals emotional imbalances and reduces aggression, boosts self-assurance and confidence in one’s abilities
  • Relieves pain during childbirth, is a safety charm for pregnant mothers
  • Treats diseases related to liver, pancreas, spleen, and stomach
  • Cultivates empathy and motherly bond between mother and child
  • Helps one achieve a true level of self-awareness and attune themselves to their thoughts and feelings

The Lover’s Stone and Bearer of Positivity

It is said that if you wish to seek true love, you should try the following spell:
“Hold a Moonstone in your hand during a full moon. Close your eyes and envision your true love coming towards you. Wear the stone on your body till the next full moon and wait for the spell to take effect.”
A lot of Moonstone lore revolves a lot around romance. The waxing and waning of the moon denotes the renewal of beauty and makes Moonstone a symbol of everlasting youth. A Lover’s Quarrel can be quenched by exchanging a Moonstone to restore calm and tranquillity in the relationship.
Experience the incredible effects of Moonstone for yourself.

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