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Substitutes of Blue Sapphire

April 7, 2020

Substitutes of Blue Sapphire

Astrological substitutes of blue sapphire

One of the strongest and quickest gemstones that invoke both fear and friendship towards its lord SATURN is BLUE SAPPHIRE.

People generally fail to gather the courage to wear NEELAM as it shows quick but unpredictable results if not worn according to the sign of Zodiac, the relative position of Saturn in one’s horoscope and above all astrologer’s observation.

On the other hand, it is believed to benefit lawyers, exporters, entrepreneurs in tours/travel/hospitality sectors immensely.


Those who are afraid to wear Blue Sapphire Stone and want to confirm whether it will suit them or not should look for other equally effective gemstones that carry a minimum risk of malefic results and serve the astrological purposes.

Saturn terrifies a layman who would be given a chance, go for a planetary God of larger benevolence. Amethyst and Lolite both can be used as substitute of blue sapphire. Once you reap the positive benefits out of this substitutes, you can wear good quality blue sapphire without any fear.

Lets disucss both of this most preffered Neelam subsitutes in detail

Amethyst as Blue Sapphire Substitute

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a less expensive but almost equally effective substitute of Neelam. Amethyst, since Greek and Roman times, has been in use to prevent people from alcoholism and other deadly addiction.

It protects its wearers from psycho-related problems like obsessive disorders, anxieties, fear psychosis, etc. It is way superior to other gemstones as far as the power of concentration is concerned. Neelam’s substitutes like Amethyst and Blue topaz both bring advantages for businesses ranging from coal, iron, jury, export, oil, and fuel, etc. Both are believed to enhance the level of understanding between spouses.

Amethyst discourages its wearer to commit sins and thereby avoids divine wrath. It lessens the evil effect and enhances sleep.

 EXPLORE AFRICAN AMETHYST                                       EXPLORE BRAZIL AMETHYST              

Iolite as Blue Sapphire Substitute

Iolite, another substitute of and less expensive than Neelam Gemstone, is known to bring clarity of thought in one’s life. Vikings used to use Lolite to polarize light during overcast days to assess the sun’s exact position. In the same vein, Iolite decreases uncertainty of minds and enhances the level of keenness, curiosity, and achievement in the wearer’s life. Iolite works as a compass when you are directionless in your life.

True, we don’t hear much of Lolite nowadays being used as a piece of jewelry but it in no way makes it less effective astrologically. Iolite is more on scintillation, glaze, shine, and luster and doesn’t fall short of your expectation as far as its color dispersion goes.

Both are naturally mined gemstones and are found in abundance. These two factors make them more eco friendly and economic choices over a Blue sapphire or Neelam. Both are claimed to be as dear to Lord Saturn as Blue sapphire itself.

Amethyst Gemstone is generally preferred in silver followed by Platinum and worn in the middle finger of the working hand in an evening of any Saturday during Moon’s waning period. Gold should be avoided with Amethyst. As much as 3 to 5 carat of Amethyst would suffice in case one is looking for Neelam’s substitute.

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