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Who Should Wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone

September 24, 2019

Who should wear Blue Sapphire is a big question because Blue Sapphire is both the strongest and quickest gemstone of all gemstones as far as results are concerned. It represents the most feared planet – Saturn.

In this blog, We will cover the Benefits or disadvantages of wearing Blue sapphire for different zodiac Ascendants.

Blue Sapphire endows its wearer with benefits like robust attitude, steadfast focus, rock solid determination. You must wear blue sapphire if you are a lawyer or judge or an exporter or a surgeon but of course with expert advice from an Astrologer.

Lord Saturn who is believed to transmit cosmic aura through NEELAM into its entitled ascendants has both beneficial and malefic faces. Passing through various major (auspicious) and inauspicious transmits. Wearing Blue Sapphire or Neelam quickly and effectively brings  results which could very well vary from individual to individual depending on Saturn’s relative position in one’s chart of horoscope.


             Ceylon Blue Sapphire                       Thailand Blue Sapphire


  • Capricorn and Aquarius can wear blue sapphire with excellent positive outcomes as Saturn is their lord. Libra too has a cordial relation with Saturn but only when the latter is in 1st,4th,5th and 9th house. For Leo and Scorpio ascendant, blue sapphire is generally not recommended. Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are considered Saturn’s adversaries so Zodiacs ruled by these planets have to be astrologically cautious before they decide to buy a blue sapphire.
  • Gemini encounters both auspicious and inauspicious Saturn incidence, however, Saturn’s sojourn in 1st,4th,5th,9th and 10th house during its transit lets Geminians consider Amethyst or Iolite(Less powerful option than blue sapphire) to mitigate adversity caused by an aggressive Shani. Be quick to shun blue sapphire if it invokes nightmares, fear and bad omen in your life. Aries responds to Blue sapphire benevolently only if Saturn is in 2nd,7th,10th,and 11th house while Taurus does the same when Saturn is in its 1st,2nd,5th,9th and 10th house.
  • For Virgo sign, Saturn remains almost neutral and Virgo ascendants can wear blue sapphire if Saturn’s position is in 1,2,5,9,10 and 11 th house. Blue sapphire is rarely conducive to Scorpio and Sagittarius. There is no bonhomie between Jupiter and Saturn so Sagittarius ascendants who  are governed by Jupiter can’t extract desired fruits by wearing a blue sapphire.  All in all Blue sapphire being a Saturn governed ‘Ratna”  acts faster in accordance with one’s natal chart. One should always go for proper consultation with Astrologer to know whether Blue Sapphire is will being positives for them.

1. Can Aries /Mesha wear Blue Sapphire – (मेष)

Ruling Planet – Mars

Readers must have noticed that Blue sapphire is indisputably recommended to ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra. These zodiacs are not frequently afflicted by adversaries of Lord Saturn namely the sun, Rahu, ketu and mars. Among other zodiacs where Blue sapphire may prove negative is Aries. But native of this zodiac may have to seek protection from Mahadasha of Shani by opting Amethyst or Iolite (less powerful option for blue sapphire) if Saturn sits in 10th or 11th house. Aries should wear any gemstone representing saturn only after proper astrological Consultation.

Taurus is not the sign strictly barred from wearing BLUE SAPPHIRE / NEELAM STONE. Get your planetary compositions with Saturn in tune and here you are. If Saturn is occupying first, second, fifth, ninth, tenth house in your zodiac, you may go for a blue sapphire to reap immense benefits.

During adverse time when your favorable planets are marred by sun, rahu, ketu or Mars, wearing NEELAM can bring back good old days. You can recover from financial or emotional shock. You may feel solace from health related problems caused by malefic planets.

3. Can Gemini / Mithun wear Blue Sapphire – (मिथुन)

Ruling Planet – Mercury

For Gemini, Rather than wearing Blue Sapphire, you are advised to go for Amethyst or Iolite. To avoid wrath of an aggressive and punitive Saturn , Gemini ascendants should have to see that Saturn is in its exalted position. Its stay in 1,4,5,9,and 10 position is trusted to be safe for Gemini native.

Blue sapphire mitigates bad times for a suffering  Gemini native who might have lost hope from other sources be it business, profession, conjugal, emotional or financial issue

4. Can Cancer / Kark wear Blue Sapphire – (कर्क)

Ruling Planet – Moon

Wearing blue sapphire by a native cancer ascendant could in all probability be HARMFUL. Saturn occupies 7 and 8th house in this sign which is not an exalted or major transmit at all therefore blue sapphire is not recommended to Cancer Ascendants at all.

Rather than blue sapphire, you can wear white pearl without any hesitation. It will bring happiness, good health and other positive vibes in your life.

5. Can Leo / Simha wear Blue Sapphire – (सिंह)

Ruling Planet – Sun

It’s a strict ‘no-no’ for  Leo ascendant from a blue sapphire as we know that Leo’s lord planet Sun has acrimonious planetary position compared with Saturn. It is wise to avoid wearing Blue sapphire or Neelam for Leo. Since in Leo Ascendant sun is of prime importance . Apart from this Sun and Saturn are not in good relations . It is better to wear Ruby gemstone in ring finger in Gold or Pancha dhatu for Leo Ascendant . Wearing Ruby gemstone will bring good name , fame , good health , for all round happiness. Prior Astrological consultation is beneficial.

6. Can Virgo / Kanya wear Blue Sapphire – (कन्या)

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Saturn is largely neutral in case of Virgo ascendant as the planet mercury is hardly at loggerheads with Lord Shani. Virgo born people may seek benefits of wearing blue sapphire when Saturn is in 1,2,5,9,10 or 11 house. Virgo jataks generally look up to blue sapphire to enhance memory, concentration, success rate in studies. Virgo people can choose a combination of emerald Gemstone and blue sapphire to reap benefits of both mercury and Saturn. However being 5th and 6th house lord Virgo Ascendant are required to seek proper astrological guidance.

Can I wear blue sapphire - Check as per your Lagna Ascendant

7. Can Libra / Tula wear Blue Sapphire – (तुला)

Ruling Planet – Venus

Libra sign is one of the three lucky zodiacs whose native can freely and undoubtedly wear a blue sapphire to earn higher education, be blessed with baby, befriend influential people and partners. Blue sapphire can transform a Libra native’s whole life forever. Spousal issues, business partnership issues, bankruptcy issues and debt issues are grey areas where wearing a NEELAM has the potential to bail out the Libra ascendant. Blue sapphire is recommended to Libra native when Saturn is in the risk zone of being afflicted by sun, moon, rahu, ketu or planet mars. Wear Blue sapphire with proper astrological guidance.

8. Can Scorpio / Vrishchika wear Blue Sapphire – (वृश्चिक)

Ruling Planet – Mars

Scorpio is not a suitable zodiac sign to wear Blue sapphire because Shani occupies its third and forth house, both malefic transit. But if Shani is in its own third, fourth or twelfth house which are major and exalted positions of Shani, the Saturn Blue sapphire could be considered. Scorpians generally require Blue sapphire to ease their relationships with siblings, parents, spouse, partners and children with the help of a qualified and practicing astrologer.

9. Can Sagittarius / Dhanu wear Blue Sapphire – (धनु)

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Saturn’s position in its 2nd and 3rd house disqualifies all Sagittarius from trying their luck with Blue sapphire, however, Saturn in its own exalted position or in favorable position in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra sign can bring happiness in a Sagittarius born individual’s family. Sagittarius who are born-shy can try Neelam to boost their self confidence in public speaking and oratory. Strict astrological guidance is required.

10. Can Capricorn / Makar wear Blue Sapphire – (मकर)

Ruling Planet – Saturn

It is the most suitable zodiac sign to wear a blue sapphire as Saturn is in LAGNA or second house of the ascendant. Those with an afflicted Saturn because of sun, moon, rahu-ketu, or Mars or those who are having to go through grim situation must wear Blue sapphire to earn name, fame, wealth, social status, courage and confidence. Wear with Astrological guidance.

11. Can Aquarius / Kumbha wear Blue Sapphire – (कुंभ)

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Aquarius is also the most suitable zodiac sign to go for a blue sapphire as Saturn holds 12 th house , the benevolent and beneficial one for Aquarius ascendant. Wearer can expect speedy results in business, expansion, ambitious plans, wealth creation and personal life. .

12. Can Pisces / Meena wear Blue Sapphire – (मीन)

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Pisces ascendant is not advised to try blue sapphire as Saturn remains malefic even one wears it. Being the lord of 11th and 12th house of Pisces ascendant, Saturn shows only fury and fumes at Pisces with unfortunate outcomes.   Blue sapphire ought to be tried by Pisces only during “Shani ki sadhe saati” with astrologer’s specific recommendation. but it is we say Blue sapphire is no no for Pieces ascendant.

Benefits for Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is extremely instrumental in bringing success to those who are working in travel, tourism, hospitality, export business. It restores peace of mind by nullifying wrath of a malefic Saturn. Artistic professions too flourish when one wears NEELAM. Blue sapphire is believed to provide relief in knee and bones related ailments, rheumatism, paralysis etc. A favorable Saturn brings self determination, internal discipline, Perseverance  in endeavors of those who wear blue sapphire.

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