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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstone

December 4, 2021

Wearing opal Stone Benefits

Known as the ‘Queen of Gems,’ the Opal is a beauty worthy of the title. Its incredible pearly white lustre paired with the auroral display of the vibrant ‘play of colours’ across its surface, makes it one of the most unique gemstones around the world.

Similar to other Vedic gemstones, the Opal gemstone is ruled by a celestial body, namely, the planet Venus or Shukra. This planet symbolizes the human desire and its effects bring to its wearer all that their heart desires.

There are various kinds of Opal stones but the 3 main types are – Precious Opal, Common Opal, and the Fire Opal.

Significance of Opal Stone

Interestingly, one of the many myths attached to the Opal stone calls it the ‘Patronus Forum,’ which translates to ‘patron of thieves.’ People erroneously believed the Opal granted invisibility to the wearer.

The true meaning here is that the Opal stone acts as an ‘invisible shield’ for the wearer against negative agents and influences. A natural Opal stone makes for a perfect gift for pregnant mothers as it helps calm the turbulent mind, eases depression, protects from nightmares, and vibrates with the energy of the Mother Goddess.

  • It connects the wearer to their spiritual side while bestowing universal awareness upon them. This stone picks up the wearer’s thoughts, desires, feelings, emotions, and amplifies them, thereby making the wearer more in tune and aware of themselves and others.
  • It helps clear the mind and opens it towards rational, critical, and logical decision-making while promoting the free flow of thoughts.
  • The Opal stone assists the wearer through negativity and provides reflection and clarity to the wearer’s mind about the unpleasant emotions or reactions they deliver or receive.

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Importance of Opal Stone

Ruled by Venus, it is the birthstone of those born in October. Strongly tied to luxury and relationships, with the correct application of Vedic Astrology, the Opal stone helps the wearer to lead a luxuriously rich lifestyle in terms of prosperity, marital stability, amplifying social standing and reputation. It also aids in relieving physical ailments.

The Opal stone presents a lot of healing properties.

Physical Benefits of the Opal Stone

  • Good for Blood Purification
  • Helps in Water Retention
  • Improves Insulin Production
  • Builds Immunity and Helps Fight Off Fevers and Infections
  • Helps manage Menopause and PMS Symptoms
  • Boosts Memory Power
  • Great for One’s Eyes, Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Controls and Maintains the Endocrine System
  • Protects the Female Reproductive System
  • Delivers Neuro-Stability to the Brain’s Hemispheres
  • Cures Headaches and Migraines

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of the Opal Stone –

  • Improves Emotional Balance
  • Intensifies Feelings of Seduction and Passion
  • Fosters Positivity and Happiness
  • Strengthens the Will to Live
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Delivers Foresight
  • Opens the Path to Cosmic Consciousness
  • Imbibes Self – Awareness
  • Overcomes Inhibitions
  • Heightens Intuition
  • Increases Self-Worth and Esteem

Side Effects of Wearing Opal Stone

Since every Vedic Gemstone is ruled by a powerful celestial body with its cosmic influence, wearing the wrong gemstone can create chaos for the individual wearing it.

If the Opal stone is unfavourable for you then the negative power of Venus will exhibit these side effects in your life:

  • You could see a decline in prosperity in your lifestyle.
  • Romantic bonds with your partner may become strained and reciprocation of love shall decay.
  • Connections with family, friends, and relatives will start fading.
  • Marital problems and turmoil can increase.
  • If you’re unsure about Opal being the right choice for you, it is always recommended to seek astrological advice before buying a gemstone.

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