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Which Gemstone to Wear This Diwali 2023?

November 10, 2023

Diwali Gemstone 2023

The Ritual of Gifting is a very big part of Diwali and it brings with it loads of love and luck.

With Dhanteras marking the start of Diwali, you welcome Goddess Lakshmi and invite abundance and fortune into your homes. This makes it one of the most auspicious times to buy jewellery made of gold and silver.

To add to the benefits of these sacred metals, why not choose Vedic Gemstones that will not only help you battle the ill effects of the malefic planets but also attract all the wealth and prosperity that you seek!

This Dhanteras, gift powerful Vedic Gemstones to your loved ones and bring them luck, or choose to invest in yourself and change your destiny!

Here are the best gemstones that you should wear this Diwali 2023, according to your zodiac sign to reap amazing benefits in the coming year:


Mars-ruled Aries natives can benefit greatly from the Red Coral. This stone gives the leadership instilled Aries the confidence the push that they need to achieve success. Granting them success, vigour, and determination, Red Coral aligns one’s authority with the knowledge to conquer all endeavours.

It also acts as a protector against all evil charms and shields the wearer from malefic influences.

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If you’re looking for gemstones to gift someone, Opal is a great choice for Taurians. Beautiful and strong, the Opal invites bliss, love luck, professional success, and abundance.

Opal also pacifies the stubborn nature of Taurus individuals and makes them more yielding and flexible. Happiness enters the life of the wearer and replaces a dull routine with a more colourful and exciting one.

Buy Authentic Vedic Opal Here


Emerald is one of the best gemstones to buy on Dhanteras for Geminis. This green gemstone pulls everything green towards it whether it is riches, luck, or prosperity. Emerald sharpens the intelligent Gemini’s intellect and provides it the focus it needs to make clear decisions.

For Gemini natives, this gemstone provides much-needed peace, harmony, and comfort.

Buy Authentic Vedic Emerald Here


Associated with the Moon, the Pearl is the perfect gemstone for Cancer individuals. Pearl emotionally balances the moods of the wearer and bestows focus, strength, and tranquillity to the mind. It attracts respect and wealth.

It helps Cancer natives feel more in control and make great decisions in their lives. Anger will take a backseat and marital relationships get a boost with this gem.

Buy Authentic Vedic Pearl Here


Leos are known for their ferocious and fiery nature. The Ruby is the ultimate gemstone to harness this energy in the right place. Ruby amplifies the romantically passionate nature of the Leo natives and improves their sex lives.

Ruby removes self-doubt and negative energies and pulls luxury and opportunities towards you. It’s a dispeller of nightmares and a granter of dreams.

Buy Authentic Vedic Ruby Here


Virgo natives can be practical to fault, often exhausting their mental capacities. With the help of the mighty Emerald their mental energy will receive a great boost. Emerald also works its charm on improving communication, healing skin and ear problems, and removing relationship stress.

Any Virgo native starting a new endeavour should wear the Emerald to increase their chance of financial success.

Buy Authentic Vedic Emerald Here


When stable Libra natives experience imbalance in their lives, the sparkling Diamond comes in as the knight in shinig armour. This gemstone has healing properties and can improve bodily organs as well as mend spiritual and romantic bonds.

The Diwali Gemstone 2023, Diamonds are truly forever because they are very potent magnets for health, wealth, and status. They bring peace and good luck and can turn tides in your favour.

Buy Authentic Vedic Diamond Here


Scorpios who want to explore their creative side should certainly wear the Red Coral. It enhances creativity and grants willpower to those who struggle with finishing their dream projects. Red Coral improves self-esteem and strengthens stamina while reducing the chances of heart attacks.

Those seeking to improve their physical and financial health should undoubtedly wear this stone.

Buy Authentic Vedic Red Coral Here


Wild, bright, and zesty the Yellow Sapphire is a granter of earth-shattering success, power, and optimism. It will provide the adventurous Sagittarian with the reserves of energy to pursue their dreams and the positivity to make them come true!

Yellow Sapphire also grants great health and keeps depressive blues away from the wearer.

Buy Authentic Vedic Yellow Sapphire Here


The Blue Sapphire or Neelam is the most fast-acting gemstone in Vedic Astrology which is good news for the impatient Capricorn. When favourable, this gemstone turns one’s bad luck into incredible fortune!

A very rewarding gemstone, the Blue Sapphire brings business opportunities, success, fame, and fortune to the wearer while giving them endurance to bear losses.

Although from the list of gemstones to wear this Diwali, this one should be worn with caution.

Buy Authentic Vedic Blue Sapphire Here


Amethyst is one of the best negativity removers out there. Those creative and independent Aquarians who find themselves lost will be able to find their path again.

With the Amethyst say goodbye to nightmares, chronic sleep deprivation, arthritis, addictions, and overall mood instabilities. This gemstone brings stability to the lives of the troubled so they can build all over again and achieve the success they desire.

Buy Authentic Vedic Amethyst Here


For the overly emphatic Pisces natives, the Yellow Sapphire provides vigour and liveliness so they don’t burn out. This gemstone also imbues the wearer with great confidence and grants focus that tackles any insecurity that a Pisces may feel.

Yellow Sapphire is known for attracting positivity and acts as a lubricant for healthy, happy, and strong personal relationships.

Buy Authentic Vedic Yellow Sapphire Here

This Diwali feel the effects of Vedic Gemstones transform your life with blessings all year round. Conquer the darkness and bring light, wealth, and prosperity into your lives.

Please Note: The above suggestions are based on generic Vedic Astrology, to get effective results it is highly recommended you consult an astrologer.

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