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The Yellow Sapphire is ruled by Jupiter, the largest and most powerful planet in Vedic astrology. The wearer must ensure that Jupiter is favourable to their Kundli (birth-chart) to reap the full benefits of this gemstone.

The Pukhraj Ratna is highly recommended for the following zodiac signs:

  • Dhanu (Sagittarius)
  • Meen (Pisces)
  • Other zodiac signs that can wear the gemstone are Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire:

  • Weight: The minimum weight of your PukhrajRatna depends upon your body weight. (calculate 1 carat of Pukhraj for every 15-18 kgs of your body weight).
  • Suitable Metal to Hold It: The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire can be worn as a ring or a pendant. Gold or Silver can be used to hold Pukhraj. Panchdhaatu or Ashthdhatu can be used as a substitute for expensive metals.

Ruled by Jupiter, this gemstone grants health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom to the wearer. It negates tension between relationships and acts as a catalyst in amplifying good energy.

When buying a Ceylon Yellow Sapphire online, it is important to ensure that the gemstone has not been treated in labs. This deteriorates the astrological benefits of the gemstone and limits its benefits.

The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstone bestows various benefits to the wearer. To reap the complete benefits of Pukhraj, the gemstone must have undergone the PranPratishtha before it has been worn.

The best date and time to adorn your Ceylon Yellow Sapphire jewellery is on a Thursday between 6:15 AM to 7:15 AM and 12:15 PM to 2:30 PM.

When worn as a pendant or on the index finger of the right hand, Pukhraj presents the following benefits:

  • Makes Rajyog - unlocks the royal pathway to success, growth, wealth, fame, and happiness - all markers of kingly life.
  • Improves Health - aids those with obesity and liver-related ailments.
  • Increases Concentration - Stabilize thoughts and emotions to materialize goals.
  • Increases Financial Status - boosts growth and benefits those in the educational and administrative sector.
  • Grows Social Status - provides immense luck and success to the owner.
  • Provides Blissful Marital Relations - brings happiness and laughter and in the wearer’s life. 
  • Boosts Fertility - helps women in conceiving, thereby bringing the couple closer.
  • Physical Balance – fights infection and assists nutrient composition.
  • Helps in Litigations - creates auspicious timings that remove the obstacles to victory.
  • Activates Solar Plexus Chakra

It is imperative to buy an astrologically potent gemstone from a certified dealer to ensure a good quality Pukhraj that is administered rightly to the wearer. Dull, lusterless, or flawless but artificially lab-grown gemstones can be cheaper but do not provide the same benefits as an authentically sourced gem.

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The price for the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire can depend upon various factors:

Weight: The price for the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire weighs highly upon its carats or rattis.

Treatment: Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are usually natural, this makes them a better ornamental choice. They are heat-treated to give them the stunning look they are popular for.

Beware glass-filled Ceylon Yellow Sapphires. They may look shiny but they circumvent the divine power of the gemstone, rendering them weakened or useless.

Quality: The common man is often cheated when it comes to Ceylon Yellow Sapphires. They fall for the beryllium-treated counterparts that exude a distinct yellowish color. 

The best-quality Vedic gemstones are naturally sourced with minimum treatment and a good cut. There is advanced Vedic science to understanding the best cut for the wearer.

Natural, adequately clear, well-cut Pukhraj that is neither diffused nor enhanced is the best perfect one to choose.

Source: Lab-grown gemstones are cheaper than mined stones. The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire originates from Ceylon, Sri Lanka and its costs vary depending on international laws.

Natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstones are priced between the range of Rs4,000 per carat to Rs.50,000+ per carat, depending upon the above factors.

Astrological benefits of the gemstone are dependent mainly upon the intensity of the clarity, the cut, the color and the crystal of the gemstone. 

When purchasing a Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstone, always adhere to the 3 C’s rule of thumb. This universal rule to decide the quality of any gemstone will help you discern the perfect Vedic gemstone from the low-quality substitutes.

The 3 C’s of Quality are: Cut, Color, and Clarity


Often misunderstood to be the shape of the gemstone, cut generally refers to the sides on the surface of the gemstone. The outer shape doesn’t matter as much as the technique of the various cuts placed on the gemstones so that it may allow the light to pass and reflect in a way that is characteristic of every cut. A cushion cut will reflect light differently than a princess cut.

The main aim of a cut is to enhance the brightness of a gem and make it shine to the fullest.


The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire comes in various shades of yellow. It ranges from greenish-yellow to deep orange-yellow although the preferred shade is a medium vibrant canary shade or a light champagne color.

The color that is highly recommended from a Vedic astrological point of view is the deep golden yellow color without any traces of orange in it.


The clarity of any gemstone depends on how clearly one can see through it. Hazy gemstones indicate impurities in the stone. Although, only man-made synthetic gemstones can be flawless. Natural gemstones will always contain traces of imperfection.


Ceylon Yellow Sapphire gemstones are considered a good choice as they are almost completely clear to the naked eye i.e. ‘eye-clean'. They cannot be free from inclusions and crystal or feathers are the ones typically found in natural Ceylon Yellow Sapphires.

The Pukhraj falls under the corundum mineral family of gemstones. Gemstones under this category come in various resplendent colors such as yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, and green. The variation in these colors can be attributed to the presence of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium found in gemstones.

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

The element that gives this gemstone its characteristic yellow tinge is trace amounts of iron. The higher the content of iron, the deeper the hue and color. Canary Yellow and Golden Yellow Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are certainly a treat for the eyes.

It is important to authenticate and verify the specifications of the gemstone you are looking to purchase. In the case of Ceylon Yellow Sapphires, be careful about selecting irradiated gemstones only. Yellow sapphires that are enhanced through low-level radiation lose their color over time and fade away due to heat and exposure.

Remember, the best clarity grade for Ceylon Yellow Sapphires is ‘Perfection’ which is followed by VVS (Very Very Slightly included) and VS (Very Slightly included) grading.

Properties of the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire:

  • Chemical Composition: Aluminum Oxide
  • Crystal System and Class: Trigonal
  • Crystal Habit: Prismatic
  • Hardness: 9 on Moh’s scale
  • Specific Gravity: 3.99 to 4
  • Refractive Index: 1.768 - 1.772
  • Origins: Srilanka

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that most of our buyers enquire about:

Can I wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj?

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is one of the most favourable Gemstones for everyone as it is associated with Planet Jupiter, the biggest and most auspicious of all planets. As per Vedic Astrology and Gem  - Therapy, Pukhraj provides the feeling of joy with the fulfilment of materialistic goals along with the balance between mind and body as well as serves as the lucky Gemstone for industrialists, politicians, administrative jobs and creative people. Also, it keeps up with your family and social life for ever new happiness and status.

Is It Safe to Buy the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Online?

Yes, although, here are a few points you must consider before buying the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire:

  • Choose brands with a good online presence that offer post-purchase services. They are more likely to be authentic. Smaller dealers will lack authenticity and are more likely to sell you synthetic fakes.
  • Ensure that the brand offers proper lab certification along with the gemstone and that it is procured from a government-certified lab. 
  • The organization should also provide a certificate of a reputed lab of your choice (if required).
  • Always check if they have a vast catalog available online and a blog to establish themselves as experts.
  • Read the refund policy (if any) carefully. Every reputable and authentic astrological gemstone seller should always have a refund policy.

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Which Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Should I Buy?

When considering to buy any Yellow Sapphire, keep these things in mind:

  • It should be a high-quality gemstone with a medium to deep yellow color.
  • It should not be chemically treated. 
  • Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire & Burma Yellow Sapphire are both considered to be the best yellow Sapphires for Astrological purposes.

What Should I Look For Before I Buy a Ceylon Yellow Sapphire?

Here are a few points you should consider before buying the Ceylon Yellow Sapphire:

  • Only in rare cases are gemstones issued as flawless. Top-quality Ceylon Yellow Sapphires will also have inclusions, albeit very few. If a stone is flawless, then it is synthetic.
  • Ask for a certificate of originality from a government lab or government-certified lab.
  • Yellow Sapphire stands 9 on the hardness scale holding the third position after Diamond and Moissanite. If the gemstone is more than one carat then it can't have smooth edges.
  • Look for scratches on surfaces. This gemstone is too hard to be scratched with any other object.
  • If you see an X mark at the base of the gemstone, it is not real. 
  • Check the weight, clarity, and color of the gemstone. Ideally, Pukhraj should’ve 1/12th of your body weight in carat. 
  • It shouldn't be chemically or heat treated.

The Yellow Sapphire is known by many names such as :

  • Pushyaraga (Sanskrit)
  • Pukhraj (Hindi)
  • Kanakpushyaragam (Kannada)
  • Peeluraj(Gujarati)
  • JardYakoot (Arabic)
  • Asper (Persian)
  • SaphirJaune (French)
  • Kitrinozafeiri (Greek)
  • Gemstone of 45th Anniversary
  • Feel good stone.
  • Birthstone or Life stone of Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants.
  • Enhances concentration.
  • Improves the prospects of success.
  • Beneficial for lovers and attracts marital bliss.
  • Helps gain spouse’s attention.
  • Develops general well-being of the wearer.
  • Yellow Sapphire can be worn by anyone as it does not have any side effects.
  • Sometimes the stone which reflects two colors and contain a black smudge or colorless is regarded to be fake or synthetic yellow sapphire stone.
  • If kept in milk for 24hours, there will be no change of color.


  • It can be rejuvenated by putting it in a glass bowl filled with holy water and turmeric. Just dip your gemstone in it and keep it in till sunrise on a Thursday. Take it out and wear it as you normally do, the next day.
  • Good quality Ceylon Yellow Sapphire stone improves its color when rubbed against touchstone.
  • It is a durable gemstone but heat, perfume, hairspray, and chlorine must be avoided near it.
  • This gemstone is very popular as an engagement ring choice.

The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is also used in Color Therapy and Chakra Healing as it:

  • Affects the mind positively.
  • Improves focus.
  • Balances negativity.
  • Brings fortune, freedom, and relaxation.
  • Gets rid of anxiety.
  • Activates the solar plexus chakra.
  • Harmonizes relationships.
  • Helps fight infections, digest nutrients easily.
  • Reinforces personal strength and helps maintain healthy relationships with others.



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