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Hessonite Garnet - HG 8039 (Origin - Africa) Prime - Quality

Price per carat: 460 | Origin: Africa
Weight: 4.36 Ratti (3.95 Carat) In Stock

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Product Hessonite Garnet - HG 8039 (Origin - Africa) Prime - Quality
Form Loose-gemstone
Certification ISO Authorized Lab Certificate

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Product Description

Its natural color is Honey color or गोमूत्र Color but can vary from medium to dark orange, brown orange to brownish yellow with good saturation. It has a greasy luster and comes in transparent to opaque. The correct cut in lieu of color makes the gem suitable for jewellery. The greasy luster gives it a perfect blend of color, cut and clarity, making it a perfect choice for jewellery. Natural Hessonite comes with inclusions like oily streak (treacle), eroded crystals giving a fused appearance.

Technical Specifications

Product Code HG-8039
Gemstone Hessonite Garnet (Gomed/गोमेद)
Species Garnet
Weight 3.95 carat / 4.36 ratti / 0.79 grams
Color Brown
Shape Oval
Cutting Style Faceted
Dimensions (mm) 11.17*9.29*4.08
Origin Africa
Quality/Category Prime
Treatment Natural
Certification Free Lab Certificate
Dispatch Time 1 Business Day
Return Policy 2 Weeks

Pooja/Energization of the Hessonite Garnet

At MyRatna, all the gemstones we ship are energized for best results of their healing factor. Therefore, they do not need any further pooja/energization process before wearing.

We do NOT charge any amount or price for the energization/shuddhikaran, etc. All of the energization process is done absolutely free of charge, as we deeply believe that this holistic process should be kept away from money, and should be alike for buyers of all qualities of gemstones from our website.

100% Certified

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