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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Should You wear Red Coral? Check as per your Lagna/Ascendant

Who Should Wear Red Coral

Red Coral the gemstone of Mars which signifies vigor , courage , boosting energy, independent nature , leadership. It helps in overcoming all sorts of fear , increases self esteem and self confidence. Red Coral diverts all sorts of accidents and helps the wearer to escape from evil eye. In today’s blog, we will discuss […]

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Can Scorpio Ascendant wear Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant

Today, We will discuss about suitability of “Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio Ascendant”. Let us know a little bit about Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone and the discuss how it can be beneficial for Scorpio Ascendant. Yellow Sapphire is known as Pushyaraga in Sanskrit and Pukhraj in hindi. Wearing Yellow Sapphire has numerous benefits like wisdom, […]

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Who should wear blue sapphire or Neelam Stone

Blue Sapphire according to Horoscope Who should wear Blue Sapphire is a big question because Blue Sapphire is both the strongest and quickest gemstone of all gemstones as far as results are concerned. It represents the most feared planet – Saturn. In this blog, I will cover the Benefits or disadvantages of wearing Blue sapphire […]

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Who should wear an Emerald

who should wear an emerald

Emerald gemstone is unique in its kind. If Mercury is auspicious planet in your horoscope, then wear Emerald Gemstone for your success, happiness, health, wealth etc. Emerald is good for students as it increases memory, Chartered Accountants, Businessmen, Teaching professionals, Bank Professionals, Politicians to a large extent. Good quality Emerald alleviates stammering problem and also […]

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