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Ceylon v/s Thailand Yellow Sapphire

September 28, 2020

Ceylon vs Thailand Yellow Sapphire

Which one is a better choice over the other depends on so many factors. Some of these determining factors directly relate to you, the client. Why are you looking for a Yellow sapphire online? Are there some astrological recommendations for you or you are prompted to get it or it is just an aesthetic bent of one’s mind?

Ceylon Sapphires and Bangkok Sapphires

Other factors are all external. Market, quality, pricing, budget, and affordability are some of these external factors that form the basis of the relative suitability of a Yellow sapphire be it from Thailand or Ceylon. If one is going for this miraculous gemstone to change or challenge the fate, one has to understand that he or she can’t afford the risk of buying thermally treated or enhanced yellow sapphire from anywhere. He or she must carefully study the gem certificate to see if it is pristine or treated. A diffused and lab treated Yellow sapphire wouldn’t serve astrological purposes.

We know that in general Ceylon yellow sapphire is mined and is available in its untreated form while the Bangkok Yellow sapphire is polished and heat enhanced which makes the latter a better ornamental choice. Bangkok Yellow sapphire springs from the Kanchanburi area of Thailand where they are largely heat-treated and gives a stunning look as compared to Ceylon Yellow sapphire. Some of them are even glass filled and circumvent their divine power in a way. It easily tempts a layman because of its color treatment with the help of Beryllium.

Ceylonese mines beget astrologically effective Yellow sapphire. They are heavier than others and look like a lemon in color. Fake Yellow sapphire looks like a yellow glass. If you have an astrological benefit in mind, you may have to choose from a confusing variety of colors in both Bangkok and Ceylon sapphire.

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There are natural pastel light yellow ones, lemon look-alikes. One may encounter a deep orange color or a golden yellow as well. The brighter it is, the more likely it is a Bangkok yellow sapphire. There is a difference between a natural color saturation and lab assisted irradiation.

Natural color concentration is due to iron and polished color enhancement is due to treatment. Treated Yellow sapphire is bound to fade over time if overexposed to heat or light. Yellow sapphire does have inclusions that could be eye-clean. Very slightly included yellow sapphire suits all the purposes for it doesn’t impair its clarity to naked eyes. Yellow sapphire is to have a perfect cut or facets to compensate for its color dullness.

CEYLON YELLOW SAPPHIRE                                              THAILAND YELLOW SAPPHIRE

All in all a natural, adequately clear, well-cut yellow sapphire of any origin would be a smart choice provided it is neither diffused nor enhanced but A Ceylon yellow sapphire has all the potent powers to bring good luck from Jupiter. The choice is one’s own.

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