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MyRatna Special Holi Offer On All Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones

March 15, 2019

Celebrate Holi With Natural Color Gemstones

The festival of colors Holi is colorful, vibrant and energetic. The joy of celebration heightens as it is fun to have various creative ways to enjoy the festival amid the splash of colors and gujiyas along with special gifts. Above that, it is also known as “festival of Love” as people unite together forgetting all resentments and bad feelings towards each other. Amid the mist of colors is the aura of positivity and that too is sparkled by the – Special Holi Offer on all Gemstones.

Since the love increases as we share. The best way to celebrate Holi to make it memorable for you and your loved ones is by harnessing the power of colors among the 9 precious Gemstones for yourself of gifting it to your precious loved ones.

Following is a quick guide to help you select from the regime of 9 Precious Gemstones:

EMERALD (पन्ना)


The gorgeous green colored gemstone is not only mesmerizing but also has a number of benefits such as the power of mind and expression, creativity, longevity and youth, nourishes relationships. Moreover, it has a royal legacy of being worn by influential personalities around the world including the Nizam of Hyderabad.





One of the most prominent Gemstones known for its charm and various advantages, comprising: decision making, wealth, protection, improves health, focus, and concentration along with fame and good name. The exotic blue color grabs the attention of the eyes.




RUBY (माणिक)


The sensual red Gemstone provides the energetic flow to the Mooladhar chakra altogether with agility, sharp mind, stimulates happiness, harmonizes relationships, enhanced blood circulation and fights depression. Further, it enhances financial stability and improves recognition in society.




DIAMOND (हीरा)


The luxurious touch of the very rare gemstone has alluring charm. The timeless gemstone provides various benefits: beauty, love, sincerity, sexual satisfaction, comforts of life, removes fearful thoughts and skin ailments.




The dazzling yellow gemstone is auspicious as it incites peace and prosperity. Provides wealth and general well being besides overcoming delays in marriage. Astrologically, it is at the top of the hierarchy of planets because it represents Jupiter.




RED CORAL (मूंगा)


The precious Red Coral will surprise you as it removes the obstacles in life and gains victory over enemies. Also, it enhances mental health and the strength of marriage, helps in overcoming various skin problems like boils-acne etc.




CAT’S EYE (लहसुनिया)


This unique gemstone has excellent healing properties that protect from ghosts and evil eyes. Another fascinating benefit is that it opens various channels of earning quick money, enhances the chances of winning in gambling and in dealings of share market because it helps to gain greater awareness and restores memory.



PEARL (मोती)


The stone of grace, luster and beauty is beneficial for inducing favorable rhythm in the psychology and emotions, enhances beauty and facial luster in ladies, inspires love and harmony between the two partners coupled with clearing mood swings.






One of the gainful gemstone that blesses the individual with courage and self-confidence, helps reduce mental and personality disorders, increases happiness, vitality, prosperity and wealth.




You can choose from the Gemstones based on the assorted benefits or just go for the one you like!

However, to enjoy the benefits of the Precious Gemstone, it must be natural.

Look for MyRatna – A world of Gemstones because of the wide range of Natural Gemstones, Rudraksha and Customized Jewellery.

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