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Who can wear Pearl Gemstone

October 25, 2019

Who Can Wear Pearl Gemstone

Who can wear Pearl Gemstone

Pearl is known to have a calming effect on mind and known to reduce anger. Also due to its unique beauty, it is very much used in Pearl Jewellery including Ring, Pendant, Necklace, Pala, Bracelet, Earrings,etc.  Owing to this both Astrological and aesthetic significance, Pearl is always in demand.

Today we will discuss and understand the astrological effects of wearing Pearl. And you will get the answer whether Pearl is suitable for you or not. If yes, what and how much benefits it will reap for you.

Impact of wearing Pearl on people born in various Ascendants

To understand the effects of wearing pearl on any individual, we first need to understand the position and effect of Moon in one’s life through his or her birth chart

Can Aries wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (मेष)
Ruling Planet – Mars

In Aries ascendant, Moon is 4th house Lord and Moon and also very good friend of Mars i.e. lord for Aries Ascendant. It is one this behalf that Aries can wear Pearl and wearing white Pearl will bestow happiness in your life along with calm mind and blessings from Mother, etc.


Since your ruling Planet is Mars, Wearing Red Coral with the Pearl will help you reap maximum astrological benefits.

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Can Taurus wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (वृषभ)
Ruling Planet – Venus

Your ascendant lord is Venus. Since Moon is the lord of 3rd house and also, Venus and Moon does not share cordial relations. Therefore Wearing Pearl is not advised generally for Taurus Ascendants. Rather than wearing Pearl, your lucky gemstones are Diamond / Opal, Blue Sapphire, Emerald Only through proper Astrological consultation.

Can Gemini wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (मिथुन)
Ruling Planet – Mercury

In Gemini Ascendant, Moon is 2nd house thus wearing Moon is not very much beneficial for you. .

However you can wear pearl in the Mahadasha – Antardasha of the Moon which can neutralize the negative effects of Moon .

On the other hand if 2nd house lord Moon is with Saturn , Rahu , Ketu then native may suffer a lot like weak finances , defect in eyes , defect in tees , stress and mental tension are generally seen . If Moon is losing its power with Sun’s conjunction then White Pearl in Silver is recommended.

Can Cancer wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (कर्क)
Ruling Planet – Moon

Planet Moon is the lord of Cancer Ascendant and on this account you can wear pearl without doubt and get astrological benefits in all aspects of life .

The stones for the Moon are : Pearl and Moon Stone.  “The wearing of pearls leads to longevity and wealth, and purges the wearer of every sin.” “Those pearls which are possessed of every valuable quality shield their master from every evil and suffer nothing harmful to come near him.”      “The house which contains a perfect pearl, the ever restless Goddess Laksmi chooses to make her dwelling forever and a day.” – Mani Mala, Part I, 307, 309, 310.

Wearing pearl proves profitable in every sense for Cancer Ascendant and confers you with good health and support & more than one source of financial gains.

Can Leo wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (सिंह)
Ruling Planet – Sun

In Leo Ascendant, Moon rules over 12th house. Wearing Pearl is not beneficial for this Ascendant.

Hence only in Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha wearing Pearl in silver ring or pendant may provide you with gains from foreign travel and good luck.

Astrological consultation is must before wearing Pearl.

Can Virgo wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (कन्या)
Ruling Planet – Mercury

You ascendant is Virgo. In general, you are not advised to wear Pearl. But If Moon is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th , 10th , 11th house, then in Moon Mahadasha or Antardasha, Wearing Pearl in silver can bring financial gains , profits , name , fame , child birth celebration and Positivity from Northern direction.

Astrological consultation is suggested before wearing Pearl or any other Gemstone.

Can Libra / Tula wear Red Coral – (तुला)
Ruling Planet – Venus

In Libra ascendant the 10th house is presided over by Moon. Although Venus  the owner of 1st house of Libra ascendant does not share good relations with Moon . However 10th house from Libra sign is the house of Profession – career. If in your horoscope,  Moon is on the cancer sign of 10th house or 11th house then Libra Ascendant can wear Pearl for success in career, excellence in profession , increase in profits etc.

Proper Astrological Consultation and analysis of birthchart is suggested before wearing any gemstone.

Can Scorpio / Vrishchika wear Red Coral – (वृश्चिक)
Ruling Planet – Mars

Moon is the owner of 9th house in Scorpio ascendant which is the house of fate and fortune. Thus Scorpio can wear white Pearl without any doubt since it will bring the positive luck and also attract wealth.

Other than this , Mars and Moon are great friend because Moon and Mars  if placed in angle and trine causes favourable Chandra Mangal yoga or If such combination is placed in 3rd , 6th 10th , 11th house is capable of making the person very rich, famous , successful in all ventures and also possess many landed properties. In such combination wearing Red coral with white Pearl is most auspicious .

One can also go for wearing Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire with Pearl if specific yog (Gaj Kesari Yog) is present in the horoscope

However if Moon is with Saturn , Rahu , Ketu in your horoscope, make sure to wear a good quality pearl to pacify the negative effects of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

Astrological consultation is necessary before wearing Pearl

Pearl for Sagittarius Ascendants – (धनु)
Ruling Planet – Jupiter

In Sagittarius ascendant , your 8th house lord is Moon so in General cases, you are not advised to wear White Pearl. If Auspicious planets like Mercury , Jupiter , Venus are 6th , 7th , 8th or 5th , 6th , 7th , 9th , 10th or 11th from Moon which forms Chandraadi Yoga then native can wear Pearl with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha as Moon is 8th lord. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha will save you from the Marak Effect of Pearl.

Astrological consultation is always suggested before wearing any gemstone for Astrological Purpose.

Can Capricon wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (मकर)
Ruling Planet – Saturn

Your ascendant lord in Saturn which is not very friendly to Moon. For Capricorn Ascendant, Moon is also the owner of 7th house which is ‘Marak’ i.e. death inflicting house. Therefore wearing White Pearl is not suggested for Capricorn Ascendant. Also in other conditions, If exalted Mars is 7th from Moon then also you are not advised to wear white Pearl. Saturn in conjunction with Moon causes Visha Yoga as Moon is soft planet , so better avoid wearing Moon’s gemstone.

Rather your most favorable gemstone is Blue Sapphire which is also your life stone (Protector Gemstone). Apart from Neelam, you can also wear White Zircon / Opal,  Emerald in various Mahadasha – Antardasha only after proper consultation with Astrologer

Can Aquarius wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (कुंभ)
Ruling Planet – Saturn

Results of Wearing Pearl are similar to Capricorn (Another Saturn Ruled Ascendant). Since both the ascendants are ruled by Saturn Planet, you are not advised to wear Pearl. Here in Aquarius ascendant, Moon is ruling the evil house i.e., 6th house which is a ‘Trika’ House, so by wearing white pearl, you will attract unwanted enemies and your health  may also be inflicted so wearing Pearl is not advised.

Rather than wearing Pearl, you should wear Blue Sapphire or Neelam Gemstone which is your Life Stone. Wearing White Zircon / Opal or Emerald is also suggested for various Mahadasha – Antardasha of Mercury and Venus only after proper astrological Consultation .

Can Pisces wear Pearl for Astrological Benefits – (मीन)
Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Moon in Pieces ascendant is the owner of 5th house trine (trikon). Since the ascendant of Pisces is Jupiter, Pisces Ascendant can wear wear 5th house gemstone i.e., white Pearl. If Jupiter is seated with Moon or aspecting Moon or if Moon 5th house owner is in 1st, 2nd, 5th , 7th, 9th, 11th  then wearing white Pearl will bestow child birth , happiness, increase in education, knowledge, good health, name, fame, very good luck, respect from others etc.

Also since Jupiter is a great friend of Moon, Wearing Yellow Sapphire coupled with White Pearl will create golden pathway for wealth and success etc.

Astrological consultation is always suggested before wearing any gemstone for Astrological Purpose


Right Metal, weight and time to wear Pearl

On Mondays with waxing Moon (Shukla Paksha) after Asthami to Poornima auspicious tithi begins. On Mondays, 1st hour of Sunrise is the best time for wearing Pearl.

Next option is on night of Ekadashi (11th Moon rise day) or Poornima (Full Moon day) after holy sight of Full Moon with proper worship or chanting, you can wear White Pearl / Moonstone in silver ring or Pendant. Weight of Pearl should be as prescribed by the Astrologer

Energisation of Pearl and substitute stone (Moonstone)

Pearl ring or pearl pendant should be made in Silver, Gold, and Ashtadhatu. Now dip your Pearl Ring or Pendant into raw milk or holy ganges water with Basil leaves or Bealpatra.

Light a diya with specific mantras of moon (Om Som Somaya Namah) chant for 9, 18 , 108 or 1008 times . Now your Pearl ring or locket/ Moonstone is fully energized and ready for you to wear.

Energisation of Pearl and substitute stone (Moonstone)

  • Pearl is known to calm the mind, reduce anger and provide balance.
  • Pearl is helpful in sleep disorders.
  •  Wearing Pearl is helpful in cough, cold and throat troubles.
  • Pearl is helpful in vision troubles.
  • With medicines wearing Pearl may be helpful in dysentery.
  • All the above problems are the result of afflicted Moon in horoscope and wearing Pearl is helpful in such diseases.
  • Wearing high quality Pearl enhances the power of Moon which signifies softness , love , family life , charming eyes , steady mind , fertile imagination , concentration and many good things.

For Precise Gemstone Suggestion as per your Horoscope, Kindly book consultation with our astrologer.


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