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Horoscope: 2020 for Cancer

January 20, 2020

According to your 2020 horoscope for Cancer, there may be some cause for worry, concerning health. Planet Moon or Chandra is a resident in the eighth house.

Therefore, you may strive to appease the planet by bonding with Natural Pearl. This is your lucky birthstone and the favorite gemstone of Moon.

As for your career, you should make great strides in your chosen field. Those in the acting profession or sports may discover opportunities to travel abroad. Then again, an expected government job should come your way. In case, you are appearing for competitive examinations, you will achieve great success. It will be easy to enroll in any professional course of choice at your favorite establishment. Contests can prove a cakewalk for you. The planets responsible for your happiness include Ketu, Mercury, Saturn, and Sun, who are resident in the sixth house. Note that seeking a new job or making changes in the way you handle business, is not advisable until after January 24. Saturn will move to the seventh house then.

Concerning finance, 2020 for Cancer promises to be a mixed bag of surprises. You will both, acquire, as well as spend, more. You might want to increase your level of comfort, invest in property, etc. Whatever is the case, act now, rather than wait for later. Note that Sun is the Lord of Wealth. Similarly, Venus proves helpful by residing in the seventh house. Investing in new projects may not prove beneficial immediately, but should bring in profits over time. Regardless, investigate thoroughly and take expert advice before parting with your hard-earned money. Furthermore, set aside some savings too, for you may face financial hardships later.

The romantic scenario will prove completely satisfying. Are you unmarried, but in a relationship? If yes, strive to make the bond permanent as quickly as possible. If you are married, you may expect perfect compatibility. In case, you and your partner are no longer together, 2020 should prove fruitful for initiating a new relationship. It is all thanks to Venus being in the seventh house and Saturn in the 12th house. Similarly, Mars helps you express your feelings with the utmost confidence. Therefore, ensure that all auspicious events take place during the first quarter of the year.

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