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Why Consider Lab Grown Diamonds

August 26, 2023

Why Lab Grown Diamond

Ethically Sourced Top-Quality Diamonds
“Diamonds that are kind, not mined”

The Diamond is a mark of eternity, adoration, and love that lasts a lifetime. Sourced under the careful canopy of ethical protection, Lab Grown Diamonds are truly priceless to the planet and your beloved.

Battle of Green Diamond Versus Blood Diamond: An Ongoing Saga

In West and Central African countries, there wages a war most of us are unaware of. Turmoil and bloodshed taint the plains of these states as the fight for power threatens to take millions of lives. The origin of the Blood Diamond lies can be traced back to the way these Diamonds are procured. In the past 15-20 years rebel and terrorist groups have used Diamonds to fund their violent mutinies against legitimate governments. They barter these Diamonds for ammunition to cause chaos and usurp power. The Diamonds are mined by desperate laborers who have bills to pay but no means to pay them. Thus, the cycle of oppression and exploitation leads to the discovery of conflict-ridden Diamonds that are now known as “Blood Diamonds.” Mined in terrible conditions, causing air and soil pollution, and disrupting the environment and economy, Blood Diamonds have found a way to enter the veins of the Diamond Industry. Those trading in Blood Diamonds cannot be caught red- handed for once these Diamonds are cut and polished, it is incredibly hard to know where they’ve come from.

So let us make our mother earth a better place to live and switch from natural earth mined diamonds to Lab grown Diamonds.

How do we stop Blood Diamonds from overtaking the world?

There came a wonderful light of hope when the world discovered the art of creating Lab Grown Diamonds, fondly called, the Green Diamonds. These eco-friendly Diamonds are the best way to fight the eco-terrorism caused by Blood Diamonds. Alongside, the Kimberley Process Certification Schemewas introduced as an international effort to eliminate the trade of Blood Diamonds.
Created in a lab, they bypass all the dreadful realities attached to Blood Diamonds. They are 100% real Diamonds without the cost of lives attached to them. Green Diamonds are cruelty-free, environment-friendly, authentic, economical, and sustainable Diamonds that are a beacon of hope and a symbol of love and compassion as sparkling as your future with them.

Although, the battle continues.

Everyday these Diamonds go head-to-head. The Green Diamond and the Blood Diamond are often found, side by side, in the same glass case waiting to be picked. How will you write the first chapter of your ‘Once Upon a Time?’

Choose a different story for yourself.
Choose the Green Diamond.

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