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Astrological Benefits and Properties of Iolite Gemstone

May 17, 2024

A gemstone with a superpower?

There have been famous stones in literature and lore with incredible superpowers. The Resurrection Stone from Harry Potter that brought the dead back to life, the Philosopher’s Stone that alchemists believed would turn anything into gold, and the Seven Gems of the Belt of Deltora, each with its own special powers that defeated the Shadow Lord.

The mystical Iolite also has a special power. (Read on to find out!)

The word ‘Iolite’ comes from the Greek word ‘ios which stands for ‘violet.’ Due to its similar hue, it is fondly known as the Water Sapphire and was officially called Iolite in 1912.

The Colour Shifting Stone

Iolite has the extraordinary quality of shifting its colour!

This amazing gemstone has the ability to display a wonderful phenomenon called ‘Pleochroism.’

A gemstone full of life, Iolite colour-shifts with changes in movement when held towards the light, exhibiting an everchanging dance of spectacular colours that induces awe in everyone who sees it.

Compared to the mercurial sky, it can go from deep violet to blue to grey, and sometimes even yellow! A treasured gem by those who held it, Iolite was very attractive during the 18th century.

Iolite – The Viking’s Compass

A long time ago, when the world had Vikings, Iolite was the captain in whose hands the sailors put their lives.

Some of the most dangerous sailors, Vikings sailed treacherous seas. Their risk-seeking appetite was only rivalled by their seafaring expertise. Legends state that Iolite would guide lost sailors would back home. 

It was believed that Iolite worked as a talisman that would protect them and help them see clearly during the trying times at sea. Mariners were often found wearing Iolite on their necks, using it as a compass to navigate the seas so they could get back home sooner to their beloved families.

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Astrological Benefits and Properties of Iolite

If you thought the most remarkable thing about the Iolite was its colour-shifting, you’re in for a surprise. Iolite gemstone has various benefits to offer:

  • Guides the disoriented towards their life goal and reveals the path to it
  • Heals eye-related problems
  • Radiates positive energy, supports those going through debts and poor financial management
  • Restores control of one’s life, instils self-confidence
  • Fortifies family relationships, consolidates sibling bonds
  • Helps navigate the path to home, gives clear vision
  • Unlocks creativity and potential
  • Aids addicts overcome addiction
  • Treats sleep imbalances, insomnia, and troubled minds
  • Steers towards spiritual enlightenment
  • Brings harmony in life, reinforces determination, endurance, and perseverance

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Iolite is bound to ignite the fire in your heart and guide you to the destination of your fate. For those who wish to begin their life’s quest, you can buy authentic lab-certified Iolite here.

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Astrological Benefits and Properties of Iolite Gemstone

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