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Wearing Ruby Stone Benefits

Wearing Ruby Benefits

Benefits of Wearing the Ruby Gemstone Manik Mani or the Ruby is a gemstone held very preciously amongst Royalty all around the world. Considered one of the ‘Big Three,’ the Ruby Gemstone holds its place as a highly coveted gem alongside the emeralds and sapphires. Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber meaning red. According […]

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Who should wear Ruby Gemstone

who should wear ruby ring

In today’s blog, we will discuss about the Astrological significance or benefits of wearing Ruby for various Zodiac Ascendants. Ruby or Manik Gemstones, as the name suggests, invokes   authority, power and enthusiasm. The SUN, raison de’tre of our solar system is represented by this gemstone.  Ruby consists of chromium, aluminium, iron and oxygen and thus […]

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