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How to Find Your Perfect Gemstone for a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali

October 14, 2022

How to Find Your Perfect Gemstone for a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali

Diwali Dhanteras 2022: How to Find Your Perfect Gemstone for a Happy and Prosperous Deepavali

The festival of lights is almost at our doors. After many years of subdued celebrations, we are all set for a truly enjoyable Diwali. As the stars align for a perfect festival, will they also align for you perfectly? Here’s how you can ensure that your luck never runs out this Diwali. By choosing a gemstone that brings immense luck and prosperity for you.

We are listing three gemstones based on your zodiac sign modalities. As many modern astrologers believe, some signs are more alike than the rest.

The three main categories of zodiac signs are cardinal signs, fixed signs, and mutable signs. These three zodiac sign modalities are based on how we act and communicate in the world. These three modalities include four zodiac signs in each group, one from each of the four elements—fire, earth, air, and water—based on the characteristics of each sign.

Therefore, depending on your type, we have gemstones that would suit you and bring you all the wealth and success in the world.

#1. Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Gemstone of Choice: Rudraksha

The four cardinal signs often belong to people who are visionaries and leaders. This is because the signs are also at the forefront of the zodiac sky. They initiate season changes and are the eldest of every quartet. Therefore, people belonging to these four signs are fiercely motivated and tend to be competitive. They are usually the first to show up and the last to go home. High levels of dedication and self confidence makes their auras glow brighter every time they move to make their mark.

For such accomplished men and women, we suggest the Rudraksha stone. The Rudraksha is highly revered in Hinduism, being blessed by the grace of the deity Lord Shiva. This is perfect for leaders as Lord Shiva is the God of destruction. Chanting Om Namah Shivay while adorning Rudraksha can protect you from all evils.

Another aspect of the Rudraksha is the number of faces it has. Each face or segment is believed to be responsible for one particular action that we undertake daily. The zodiacs with cardinal modality are known for their multitasking and having too much on their plates. With a Rudraksha, their focus on each and every work is established evenly.

#2. Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Gemstone of Choice: Emerald Stone

The fixed signs of the zodiac universe are unyielding, fixated, and occasionally stubborn, as their name suggests. They put in a lot of effort to put the ideas or vision shared by the cardinal signs into action because they are the “doers” of the zodiac.

They are renowned for having a steady and grounded energy and dislike change or unneeded plan changes. They are naturally loyal and will follow through on a plan no matter how many obstacles are in their way. They are occasionally even uncompromising and unreasonable in their approach, though. The good news is that if a fixed sign appears in your life, you will always have a reliable confidant.

For strong-willed and good-hearted folks as this we suggest the emerald stone. Emerald is thought to represent Mercury and is thought to have properties of that planet. In Hindi, it is referred as Panna.

Emerald is worn to strengthen Mercury according to astrology. Emerald is a type of green stone, and the best ones are thought to be in shades of green, light green to forest green and transparent. When someone wears an emerald, the planet Mercury in their horoscope is strengthened. It develops a person’s ability to reason and increase their math and reasoning abilities. With a capability-enhancing stone as such, there’s a higher chance for the fixed signs to become more confident and proficient in carrying out their duties.

Wearing this gem also enhances one’s interpersonal and professional abilities. In addition to helping with skin conditions, nervous system illnesses, and brain-related issues, emerald has other benefits. It is also highly helpful for people who are shy or have a hard time striking up a conversation.

For individuals whose weak Mercury in their horoscope prevents them from effectively showcasing their talent or knowledge, emerald brings about good adjustments in personality.

#3. Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Gemstone of Choice: Turquoise Stone

These are the signs that mark the end of the four seasons and, in contrast to the other signs of the zodiac, are more adaptable and at ease with life’s changes. The mutable signs can legitimately be referred to as the finished of the lot, just as the cardinal signs are the starters and the fixed signs are the doers.

Since they arrive at the conclusion of every season, they are aware that a shift is imminent and are prepared to adjust. These sun signs have a propensity to look at things from a variety of angles and views, but this also frequently leaves them feeling a little perplexed.

Additionally, they are extremely impressionable signs, which means that they frequently pick up the traits of the individuals they spend the majority of their time with.

Because of their high adaptability and versatility, we suggest Turquoise or Feroza. Being a water associated stone, turquoise signifies and amplifies their flexibility.

Relationships are bolstered by turquoise, which also serves as a protection for the bearer. It greatly increases the wearer’s inner thoughts’ clarity and precision. By fostering a deep understanding between couples, turquoise gemstone aids in preserving stability and harmony in marital life.

Turquoise promotes total physical fitness and has extraordinary healing qualities. For people who travel frequently, turquoise gemstones make the ideal companions. They are shielded from theft, mishaps, and other undesired occurrences.

This here is a compilation of gemstones that can bring happiness to your life this Diwali and even further. With Mewar Gem Art aka MyRatna you can always choose the best gemstones that will change your life for the better. Get blessed by only the purest cuts of the rarest gems that can ever be found in the deepest trenches of the earth.

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