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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Red Coral (Moonga) Stone

November 2, 2021

Benefits ofRed Coral (Moonga) Stone

The Red Coral Stone, widely known as Moonga or Praval Ratna is a dark red organic stone harvested deep under the seabed by oceanic creatures called coral polyps.

The Importance of Red Coral Gemstone holds a special position in Vedic astrology and is recognized as one of the most important Navratnas, as the planet Mars rules it. The Red Coral Stone is an all-time favourite of gem lovers for its astrological significance and extravagant benefits.

Types of Moonga Stone

The Japanese Red Coral and Italian Red Coral are the two most prominent corals or Moonga Stone. Lakshmi coral, also known as triangular coral, is the best shape of coral stone. The Red Coral is popular and adorned for its unique reddish tones.

Where, when, and why’s about wearing the Moonga Stone?

The Red Coral Stone/ Moonga should be worn on the ring finger. The ring finger represents the energies of the Sun which is considered to be the king of the nine planets that influence human density. And, the Sun is the friend of Mars the planet that rules the Red Coral Stone.

Tuesday is considered to be the most auspicious day for the worship of Mars. Hence, Red Coral Gemstones should be worn on Tuesdays to reap their maximum benefits.

Wear Red Coral Stone

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone

  • The Red Coral is ruled by the planet Mars which is a symbol of energy. It surges ambition, courage, and confidence. It eliminates fear and anxiety leading to more success and prosperity. Not just that, it improves mental health thereby taking care of issues like insomnia, depression, etc.
  • The Red Coral is a powerful stone that provides the power to face difficult situations and challenges in life with self-respect and a strong will.
  • It aids in blood circulation that further benefits heart function. The Red Coral acts as a catalyst in finishing uncompleted tasks, thus eliminating lethargy and procrastination.
  • It increases bonding and longevity of relationships, drives out negativity, and embraces peace and positivity.
  • The Red Coral Stone is also believed to be a symbol of good luck and fortune.
  • It is said that wearing the Red Coral gives relief in physical health issues related to bones and may help in healing knee problems, arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual problems, etc. The Red Coral’s deep red color soothes the eyes and elevates a sense of pride and attitude.
  • The Italian Red Coral Gemstone helps to overcome financial debts and brings stability in managing finances. The Red Coral also acts as a repellant against black magic. It has healing properties as well and helps in overcoming skin ailments like acne, boils, rashes, etc.

Benefits Of Red Coral Moonga Stone

Who should wear The Red Coral Gemstone?

If Mars is your main planet, and is in the 7th, 9th, or 10th house, then wearing the red coral stone will benefit you. The Red Coral Gemstone blesses the person with Aries, Cancer, Scorpion, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces sun signs.

Side effects of Red Coral Stone

  • If this gem is worn without the right advice of an experienced and genuine astrologer it can also have certain negative effects. Wearing Red Coral Stone without the advice of an astrologer may lead to health problems.
  • There is a chance of having blood-related issues. Marital life could be affected. There is a possibility of an increase in anger and aggressive nature.
  • Red Coral Gemstone is worn for Mars and its intensity is quite strong. If Mars is in the inauspicious position in the horoscope, one should wear the Red Coral Gemstone ring to increase its effect or to avoid the inauspicious effects of Mars.

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