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Wearing Ruby Stone Benefits

December 4, 2021

Wearing Ruby Stone Benefits

Benefits of Wearing the Ruby Gemstone

Manik Mani or the Ruby is a gemstone held very preciously amongst Royalty all around the world.

Considered one of the ‘Big Three,’ the Ruby Gemstone holds its place as a highly coveted gem alongside the emeralds and sapphires.

Ruby comes from the Latin word ruber meaning red. According to Sanskrit records, Ruby was known as Ratnaraj or the ‘King of Gems.’

The Ruby’s soft pinkish tinges to deep blood red hues evoke a sense of passion that is almost amorous in nature. Burma Rubies are particularly sought after for their high quality while strikingly rich Pigeon-blood Rubies are the biggest charmers.

Benefits Of Ruby Stone

Importance of Ruby Stone (Manik)

  • Ruby is the birthstone of the July-born. It is ruled by the influence of the Sun and strongly favours those zodiacs which don’t have the Sun in the wrong house. Zodiacs like Leo (Singh), Aries (Mesh), and Sagittarius (Dhanu) can benefit from this stone.
  • The allure of the Ruby Gemstone lies in its power to harness the positive life-giving energies of the Sun to the wearer. It helps them radiate physically and spiritually while making their auras robust and diffusing.
  • Nobilities favoured this gemstone as it begets regality, luxury, and power. It also bestows dignity, integrity, and authority making it a kingmaker amongst gemstones.
  • The Spinel stone can be mistaken for Ruby, hence, it’s always important that one buys a natural Ruby stone from an authentic seller.

Significance Ruby Stone

According to Vedic Astrology, the Ruby guides one to achieve their potential kingly status. This makes it a well-rounded gemstone that helps any professional from any line to succeed on their professional front.

There are myriad benefits that Ruby stone has to offer. Here are a few of them:

Strengthens Paternal Relationships

With the Sun in your corner, Ruby wearers are bound to strengthen the paternal relations in their life. Estranged and strained father-child relationships shall benefit from the positive effects of Ruby.

Attracts Fame and Recognition

The Ruby stone supports its wearer by helping them achieve success and fame in their dream job. It encourages and boosts creativity and self-confidence in the person, making them a go-getter in all aspects of their life.

Commands Power and Luxury

Attributed to improving social standing, the Ruby gemstone helps one elevate their status. It dials down inhibitions and promotes confidence which attracts popularity.

Eases Health Conditions

Rubies are known for bringing vitality, improving blood circulation, enhancing vision, and mainly cardiac as well as blood-related problems.

Improves Matrimonial Harmony

The Ruby stone elicits warmth, passion, and love in turn enhancing the quality of marital relationships.

Helps Ward off Evil

If you are tormented by nightmares or feel negative energy around you, wearing a Ruby stone can help push them away.

Builds Mental Health

Ruby holds dominion over the Manipura Chakra or the Navel area of your body. When stimulated, this chakra removes self-doubt and eases depression.

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Side Effects of Wearing Ruby Stone

  • The Sun is central to our Solar System. It holds its image as a paternal figure or a king between the other celestial bodies and is revered as such in the entirety of the cosmos.
  • Since the Sun rules the Ruby gemstone, its qualities are passed on to the wearer of the gemstone. If the placement of the Sun in one’s Kundli is well placed then they are bound to reap the benefits it has to offer.
  • When the Sun is ill-placed, the wearer will suffer from financial instability and be lacking on the professional front. It is always recommended to consult an astrologer before buying any Vedic Gemstone.

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