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Horoscope 2024

Horoscope 2024

Hello to all fellow readers & Astrology enthusiast & Gem / Rudraksh lovers. We are providing Zodiac birth sign Predictions of the year 2024 as per Vedic astrology. These are very broad predictions and may not accurately reflect individual experiences. Consulting a Vedic astrologer for personalized insights based on your birth chart and planetary transits […]

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Which Gemstone to Wear This Diwali 2023?

Diwali Gemstone 2023

The Ritual of Gifting is a very big part of Diwali and it brings with it loads of love and luck. With Dhanteras marking the start of Diwali, you welcome Goddess Lakshmi and invite abundance and fortune into your homes. This makes it one of the most auspicious times to buy jewellery made of gold […]

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Remedies for Sharadya Navratri and Navratnas of 12 zodiac signs 2023

Gemstone Navratri 2023

या श्रीः स्वयं सुकृतिनां भवनेष्वलक्ष्मीः, पापात्मनां कृतघियां हृदयेषुवृद्धिः। श्रद्धा सतांकुलजन प्रभवस्य लज्जा, तां त्वां नताः स्म परिणालय देवी विश्वम्।। The Goddess herself resides in the form of Lakshmi in the homes of virtuous souls, in the form of poverty in the homes of sinners, in the form of wisdom in the hearts of pure-hearted people, […]

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How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

How are lab grown Diamonds made

It takes billions of years to produce Natural Diamonds. Ten thousand tons of pressure transforms carbon into indestructible Diamonds. Kimberlite and lamproite volcanoes then explosively carried them from the Earth’s mantle to the surface where we mine them today. With the advent of technology that reproduces and replicates Earth’s intense natural processes, we can now […]

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Why Consider Lab Grown Diamonds

Why Lab Grown Diamond

Ethically Sourced Top-Quality Diamonds “Diamonds that are kind, not mined” The Diamond is a mark of eternity, adoration, and love that lasts a lifetime. Sourced under the careful canopy of ethical protection, Lab Grown Diamonds are truly priceless to the planet and your beloved. Battle of Green Diamond Versus Blood Diamond: An Ongoing Saga In […]

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Astro Analysis of Machhmani Stone

Know More About Machhmani

Welcome Astro and Gem lovers, as we embark on an exciting journey to cover the importance of fish stone or Machhmani Stone as mentioned in Vedic astrology. Delving deep into the ancient realms of Vedic literature, let us explore the captivating connection between this stone and a specific celestial entity. Machhmani stone is a rare […]

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