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Properties and Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

May 18, 2023

Properties and benefits of cat’s eye

Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Discovered in 1789 by famous geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner, Chrysoberyl is recognised as the true Cat’s Eye gemstone. Considered to be a rare beauty, the largest Cat’s Eye known as the ‘Eye of the Lion’ is owned by a descendant of King Rajasinha the First, a Sri Lankan ruler, and can be seen today at the Smithsonian Museum.

A.k.a Lehsunia stone, the Cat’s Eye can be found in yellowish-green, greenish-black, lemon yellow, pale yellow, bright yellow, brownish-yellow, and raspberry red hues.

This gemstone produces a unique and unusual optical effect called ‘chatoyancy,’ which is derived from the French phrase “oeil de chat” or ‘eye of the cat.’ When the light hits this gemstone, you can see a distinct band of white across the stone, resembling a Cat’s Eye.

Fun fact: The Cat’s Eye was a very popular choice for engagement rings during the 19th Century Victorian Era when the Duke of Connaught gave it to his beloved as a token of engagement.

Astrological Significance of Lehsunia

From time immemorial, gemstones have been used to beautify one’s appearance. But ancient cultures knew the intrinsic value of gemstones lay within the stones themselves.

Cat’s Eye is associated with the shadow planet Ketu in Vedic Astrology. This gemstone works as a mighty remedy for the Rahu-Ketu Dasha and is worn to treat the malefic effects cast by these shadow planets.

Cat’s Eye was worn for its healing and protective powers. Various colours of the Cat’s Eye demonstrate distinctive qualities and hold properties characteristic to their colours.

‘Milk Cat’s Eye’ or the ‘Honey Cat’s Eye is the most desirable choice amongst Cat’s Eye variants and is of the highest quality. This particular colour is best known for fulfilling your deepest wishes and desires.

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Properties and Benefits of the Cat’s Eye

The Cat’s Eye holds amazing metaphysical energy that positively affects the wearer’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy and aura. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from this enchanting gem:

  • Acts as a good luck charm and a potent talisman against the evil eye
  • Bestows knowledge and intelligence
  • Strengthens confidence, will power, control, and determination to do things
  • Attracts wealth and helps regain lost wealth
  • Reduces materialism and guides one to the path to Moksha
  • Negates the adverse effects of Ketu
  • Helps treat paralysis, boils, heart diseases, arthritis, backache, gout, issues in the spine and feet, joint pain, hormonal imbalance, and more such ailments
  • Heals various kinds of cancer
  • Protects from accidents and misfortune
  • Relieves mental pressure and anxiety
  • Removes fear, pessimism, and cowardice
  • Improves memory and awareness
  • Enhances night vision
  • Fastracks PTSD recovery

This mystical and extraordinary gemstone is bound to turn heads when worn. Add to the mix the incredible benefits that it offers, and the Cat’s Eye makes for an irresistible collectible.

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